Black Box Series 3.0 E-Commerce In Collaboration With Carousell Malaysia

Black Box Series 3.0 E-Commerce in collaboration with Carousell Malaysia

UCSI University under the initiative of the Faculty of Business and Information Sciences had the honour of hosting the Black Box Series 3.0 E-Commerce in collaboration with Carousell Malaysia. The event was held on June 14, 2019 at GG08, Level LG, Block G, UCSI University KL Campus.

The main objective of the talk was to disseminate knowledge related to marketing and information related to e-commerce in the current industry setting. The participants who were UCSI students from different courses were delighted to have the opportunity to engage with Tang Siew Wai, Country Head of Carousell Malaysia and had a fruitful discussion on the current business field which is e-commerce.

Siew Wai shared on how Carousell works and also business and marketing knowledge. It was also an avenue for the participants to bond together in a single event. The most discussed topics were the founders’ motives in starting Carousell, the evolution of classifieds and marketplaces, the latest and future technology implementations by Carousell and their past marketing campaigns and strategies. The information given by the speaker allowed the students to understand the operation of an e-commerce company and how e-commerce resolves users’ daily problems. In addition, they sought advice and knowledge from the speaker on how e-commerce has become a current trend in doing business.

This event was useful for the participants in foreseeing a potential career path in the future. The interaction between the speaker and the participants was also positive and this helped to increase the participants’ confidence in the Q&A session.

Siew Wai was later presented with a token of appreciation by our organiser Rajat S Chatterjee, Head of Marketing Department, Faculty of Business and Information Sciences followed by a photo session with the participants.