Covid-19 not deterring UCSI in producing quality hospitality graduates

The hospitality sector became one of the biggest losers from the Covid-19 pandemic. Many were retrenched and many hotels and restaurants had gone bust within a year.

The tourism industry literally came to a standstill especially after the closure of international borders.

Despite the restrictions, the order to enforce social distancing among societies and other uncertainties cast from the pandemic, the global outlook for the hospitality sector is expected to have a positive outlook.

Hotel Insights’ Q2 2021 report indicated that rapid recovery in the leisure demand is expected to resume as the vaccination rollout gathers pace around the world, including Malaysia.

Thanks to the mass vaccination and its increasing pace in many countries including Europe and China, events that encourage large crowds, such as the English Premier League, had been able to take place but with strict guidelines.

This is indeed the start for everything good that is yet to happen in every sector, including the hospitality and tourism.

With this anticipation, UCSI University’s Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management – one of the most forward-thinking school of thought in Asia Pacific – has not taken a step back in providing a revolutionary education experience to students across the globe.

Ranking that matters

The Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management has been ranked under 100 as one of the best schools for hospitality and leisure management in the QS World University Rankings By Subject 2021.

Evidently, the ranking came from the faculty’s dedication towards delivering peak quality of expertise and skilled human capacity development, as well as having a tremendous academic front with sufficient industry knowledge.

The faculty is hub of discovery. It’s presence in Kuala Lumpur and Kuching – two of Malaysia’s most popular tourist destinations – sees it providing diverse learning experience few other schools can.

Young, vibrant and innovate, the faculty is the place where aspiring hoteliers and restaurant managers obtain a firm grasp of key industrial practices and the underlying assumptions that make them work.

Emphasising teamwork, leadership, service etiquette, our programmes leverage various learning approaches - experiential, collaborative, and discovery - that hone the students’ analytical and decision-making skills.

Learning at the faculty means teaching one needs to know about the sector as students are given the opportunity to work with top quality industry players and gaining a wholesome experience from the best.

The variety of programmes offer teamwork, leadership and service etiquettes through experiential learning, collaborative learning, discovery learning approaches to develop talent with right attitude for analytical and decision-making skills to get ready for co-operative structured internship programmes with the top global industry players and concur future senior management and executive positions.

Global Partnership

UCSI University currently partners with a world-leading Hotel Management Institute, HTMi Switzerland.

Through this strategic partnership, it offers UCSI students with the best of both worlds in terms of affordability and the opportunity to enjoy from HTMi Switzerland's global network of career network service, mobility, and internship.

Multiple Awards Winner

Students from the faculty has won at many events and at various levels. From local to global competitions, the faculty and the university have become synonymous with excellence.

Recently Chai Weng Yan, Lee Pei Shan and Teh Xin Ee – year three students from the Bachelor of Hospitality Administration – were awarded third place in HTMi’s Student Forum 2021 Innovation Challenge.

They were the only Malaysian team to be named among the top three in this global contest.

Like them, Lu Heng Wu, Kenny Lai Chee Chiang and Tay Pui Yee, also won in the cooking category at the World Skills Malaysia Sarawak 2019.

Whether your future is at the top of an established global hospitality brand or as the founder of an innovative enterprise, you can rest assured that your studies at UCSI will do much to fast track your career. Take action, take charge, and take the lead today.

For more information, visit or contact 03-9101 8882/011-3592 0893. The University will be hosting its eOpen Day 19-20 June.