Dr Ang Awarded Certificate of Best Presentation In International Conference

UCSI’s Faculty of Engineering, Technology and Built Environment deputy dean Assistant Professor Dr Ang Chun Kit has been awarded the Certificate for Best Presentation in the 2018 International Conference on Renewable Energy and Environment Engineering held in Paris, France.

His paper entitled ‘Development of a Footstep Power Generator In Converting Kinetic Energy to Electricity’ demonstrates how a simple yet low cost mechanism can enhance the performance and efficiency of energy conversion from kinetic energy to electrical energy.

“This certificate is certainly an attestation of my research and especially my presentation skills.

I am thankful to UCSI for giving me this platform to improve in both these areas. It is also a motivation to improve oneself and do better,” said Dr Ang.

“My background being in Mechatronics, usually deals with robotics and automation. However my recent study is in renewable energy which is a new area but one that is related to everyday life.

“The concept behind it is simple where a mechanical footstep power generator is placed on the hind foot region and as the person walks, kinetic energy is generated and is then converted to electrical energy which is then stored,” he said.

When asked how the award of the certificate benefitted him personally, Dr Ang said “I used to be prone to stage fright when speaking publicly but I believe one has to overcome their weaknesses and get out of their comfort zone to succeed in life.”

The conference saw speakers from all over the world including countries such as Japan, China, Poland and Australia.

Ang’s achievement is truly reflective of the emphasis that UCSI University not only has on research but also on how to present one’s findings in a way that is industry-relevant and yet practical in everyday situations.

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