Dr. Ch'ng Xin Ying

Dr. Ch'ng Xin Ying


Academic Qualifications

PhD  Musicology
MMus  Musicology
BMus Classical Music
Associate Diploma (Recital Piano) (ATCL)



Ch’ng Xin Ying received her Ph.D. in Musicology at the University of Southampton where she also completed her MMus. Her background as a classically-trained pianist with a minor in violin performance have enabled her to pursue further interests in historical musicology and a passion for how music can ‘voice’ socio-cultural and political issues of the past and present.

Her work has been received at various international conferences. This included meetings organised by the American Musicological Society in Milwaukee (2014), the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki and the ‘Directions in Researching Post-1900 British Music’ at the University of Surrey. As a recipient of awards and research grants such as the Louise Dyer Award of the Musica Britannica Trust and the American Musicological Society Membership and Professional Development Grant, Xin Ying completed her doctoral research on twentieth-century British singers Kathleen Ferrier, Alfred Deller and Peter Pears. Other future projects include one that investigates media and sound as a potential colonizing force in the British Empire.

Before joining UCSI University, Xin Ying worked as a lecturer and seminar leader at the University of Southampton. She devised and taught a new Pre-Masters course focused on a broad overview of Western music history and taught an undergraduate music history course that spanned from 1750 to 1900. Her inventiveness in devising new courses and her commitment to creative pedagogy was evidenced in recognition as runner-up of the Doctoral College Director’s Award in Education. She was also an English language independent learning facilitator and PhD tutor under the Brilliant Club Scholars Programme (UK), which is dedicated to mobilise doctoral students to teach and inspire high school pupils from underrepresented backgrounds.

Xin Ying welcomes collaborators and students who intend to pursue any research areas listed below and is happy to expand her interests towards popular and contemporary music studies.


Areas of interest

  • Twentieth-century music and cultural studies in Britain
  • Music and national identity
  • Gender and sexuality
  • Singers, voices and vocality
  • Media, radio studies


  1. ‘Kathleen Ferrier at the BBC (1930-1953)’ Research Report for CHOMBEC News, in Issue 21 (Summer 2016).
  2. ‘Embodying the “English” Voice: Alfred Deller, Early Music and the English Musical Renaissance’, submitted under review.


  1. ‘Pears as the Closeted “Voice” of Britten,’ Other Voices Study Day, University of Southampton, 20 February 2016
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