Dr. Jonathan Yong Chung Ee

Research Impact:

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Dr. Jonathan Yong Chung Ee

Head of Postgraduate Studies | Department of Mechanical Engineering

Academic Qualifications

PhD Mechanical Engineering
BEng Mechanical-Marine Technology
Dip Mechanical Engineering

Areas of Interest
Container Port Planning
Evacuation Modeling (Fire Safety)
Operation Management (Agent-based Modeling)
Queue Theory for Supply Chain Management
Professional Bodies

Member of Board of Engineers Malaysia


Current Research Project

  1. Queue Optimization of Malaysian Automated Car Parking System
  2. Feasibility study of AGV Integration for Malaysia Container Terminal
  3. Configuration of Automated Restaurant Layout for Enchanced Operation Performance
  4. Risk Assessment of Fire Evacuation with Stochastic Obstructed Emergency Exit
  5. Comparison of Service Time Improvement of an Automated Restaurant by Six Sigma Approach


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