Dr Kuan Chee Hao

Lecturer | Department of Food Science and Nutrition

Academic Qualifications

PhD Food Safety
MSc Food Safety
Bachelor in Food Science

Areas of Interest
Functional food product development

  1. Name of grant: FRGS
    Funder: Ministry of Higher Education
    Project Title: Quantitative risk assessment and reduction of microbial contamination in ready-to-eat fresh vegetables
    Code: Ref: FRGS/1/2019/SKK06/UTAR/03/2
    Duration: 2 years
    Role: Co-researcher
    Amount: RM 147,800
  2. Name of grant: FRGS
    Funder: Ministry of Higher Education
    Project Title: Prebiotics: Adjunct therapy for gastrointestinal infection through immunomodulation
    Code: Ref: FRGS/1/2020/SKK0/TAYLOR/02/1
    Duration: 3 years
    Role: Co-researcher
    Amount: 185,600
    Status: Ongoing

Current Rsearch Project

  1. Development and Optimization of Green Tea Kombucha Using Response Surface Methodology
  2. Development of Meal Replacement Product Incorporated with Green Banana Powder: Effect on Nutritional Value and Consumer Acceptability


  1. Jeremy Wee-Lek Yap, Yee-Ying Lee, Teck-Kim Tang, Li-Choo Chong, Chee-Hao Kuan, Oi-Ming Lai & Eng-Tong Phuah (2021) Fatty acid profile, minor bioactive constituents and physicochemical properties of insect-based oils: A comprehensive review, Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition.
  2. Cho, T.F., Ali Yassoralipour, Yee-Ying Lee, Teck-Kim Tang, Oi-Ming Lai, Li-Choo Chong, Chee-Hao Kuan & Eng-Tong Phuah. 2021. Evaluation of milk deterioration using simple biosensor. Journal of Food Measurement and Characterization.
  3. Ali, Y., Mah, H.Y., Phuah, E.T., Azizi, P., Chen, S.N., Yeo, S.K., Kuan, C.S., Son, R., New, C.Y. and Kuan, C.H. 2021. Evaluation of biofilm-forming abilities of Listeria monocytogenes (ATCC 19115) and efficacy of different washing methods for removal of biofilm on apple. Food Research 5(4): 259 – 265.
  4. Tay, H.X., Kuan, C.H., Chong, G.H., New, C.Y. and Son, R. 2021. Development and optimization of flaked breakfast cereal processing parameters and formulation, incorporated with banana pulp and peel, using response surface methodology. Food Research 5(2): 45 – 53.
  5. Chen, S.N., Yap, M.L., Kuan, C.H., Son, R. and Saw, S.H. 2021. Could food or food contact surfaces be the favourable hideouts for Listeria monocytogenes in Perak, Malaysia? Food Research. 5(3): 174 – 182.
  6. Wong, J.X., Kuan, C.H., Saw, S.H., Chen, S.N., Tan, C.W., Yeo, S.K., Kuan, C.S., Phuah, E.T., Thung, T.Y., Son, R., New, C.Y. 2021. Quantitative Salmonella enterica serovar Enteritidis risk assessment from consumption of hard-boiled eggs, half-boiled eggs and raw eggs among Malaysians. Food Research 5(3): 385 – 392.

Awards and Recognitions

  1. Travel grant provided by Kyoto University, Japan. Invited speaker in U.S.-Japan Cooperative Medical Sciences Program (USJCMSP) 21st International Conference on Emerging Infectious Diseases in The Pacific Rim, Hanoi, Vietnam. (2019)
  2. Travel grant provided by Waterloo University, Canada. Invitation to participate in 10th Workshop - Exploring factors influencing antimicrobial resistance in Southeast Asia. (2019)
  3. 1st prize in Developing Solutions for Developing Countries (DSDC) competition (International category), June 25–28, 2012, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
  4. 1st prize in Developing Solutions for Developing Countries (DSDC) competition (International category), July 13–16, 2013, Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Networks and Collaborations on Research

  1. MIFT Co-opted Council Member for Year 2020-2022

Contributions to Society

  1. Tzu Chi volunteer since year 2006. Current project (2020-2022): Helping UNHCR in cash-based interventions (CBIs) project which seek to protect refugees by reducing the risks they face and to maintain their capacity to spend during pandemic COVID-19.