EMERGE ICAD’s Graduation Showcase 2018

KUALA LUMPUR: UCSI University hosted the inaugural ICAD Graduation Showcase, an event that featured the best works from students of De Institute of Creative arts and Design (ICAD) – the design school of UCSI.

Showcasing graphic design, multimedia design, 3D design and fashion design creations, the event lived up to its theme – ‘Emerge’ – as ICAD’s young designers displayed exemplary work that measured up to the artistic demands of the ever-evolving creative industry.

From bold splashes of colour into the mix of opera makeup and Chinese painting, to applying silhouettes of classical instruments into a design and to mastering the art of self-expression through art, this collection has been a refreshing experience for all.

At ICAD and prior to this graduation showcase, students had also learned to conceptualise the entire marketing campaign for their collection – from marketing strategy to materials.

Notable industry names who attended the show included Andrew Tan, Founder of Andrews Models and Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week Ready To Wear were awestruck by the potentials showcased from the talented students.

“It’s amazing to see how the fashion industry is continuously growing and advancing with newer and fresher designs; and to witness the incredible efforts that go into shaping and flourishing these young minds,” he said.

Additionally, Zhang Jiexin (Culture Director) and Wang Shuang (Culture Officer) of the People’s Republic of China Embassy’s Education and Culture Department were also present.

The event showcased the collections of nine final year fashion design students of ICAD.

The use of brown and earthy tones were well represented by Ng Kai Ting’s ‘True of Form’ collection while the Diploma graduate, Hui Qing, reflected the society’s predicament in her ‘Graffiti – The Words on the Street’ collection.

The other collections were, ‘On The Wings of Diesel’ by Iqraa Rashid, ‘The Silent Catasrophe’ by Hoong Jee Chieng, ‘Doppleganger’ by Ng Kai Ting, ‘Rediscovered Symmetrical Balance’ by Zhanna Otegen, ‘Loud and Proud’ by Li Miao, ‘Prison’ by Khoo Sher Min, and finally, ‘Subtle Distraction’ by Tan Ying Qian.

The Emerge ICAD’s Graduation Showcase is the pinnacle of ICAD’s programmes as it provides an opportunity to preview students’ final collections and to see the breadth of creative talent, which contributes to the University’s reputation as one of the best in the country.

“ICAD’s Graduation Showcase 2018 is a microcosm of the dynamic setting at UCSI that prepares students not only to meet, but exceed the exacting demands of the industry,” said UCSI Group Founder and CEO Dato’ Peter Ng, adding how the graduates would soon join a growing network of UCSI alumni who has achieved greatly in the creative industries.

“This immersive environment has brought out the best in UCSI students and many have gone on to make a name for themselves. From winning challenging competitions like the AirAsia Runway Designer Search, headlining the KL Fashion Week, getting lengthy apprenticeships with established designers like Jovian Mandagie, working with leading models like Amber Chia to being employed by leading video game developers like Codemasters from the UK, our students realise their potential,” he relayed.

UCSI University aims to give the students an all-encompassing approach to design fields and first-hand experience of the industry.

The event ended with the presentation of the Best Collection Award.