KUALA LUMPUR, 20 August 2021 – As the innovation of science and technology continues to progress with time, the need for quality graduates in the field of financial technology (Fintech) is becoming inevitable and many multinational companies are seeking for quality graduates already, industry players say.

Finance and Accounting Consultant of Global Shared Services, Dr Jeannie Hoh said the Fintech is no longer confined to the just finance, but will eventually expand to other areas, creating a demand for candidates with a sound education and knowledge in the field.

“The synergy of finance and technology with its expectations has always been on the table where multinational employers seek to hire graduates with combined skills in finance, technology and management enabling humans to work along with machines to develop, automate and improve current workforce, complex processes, time efficiency as well as business solutions,” she said at the virtual launch of Bachelor’s Degree in Financial Technology at UCSI University.

Hoh pointed out that UCSI’s newly launched degree programme was timely and “much-needed” to futureproof students’ career upon graduation.

“This new degree is very much sought-after in the marketplace today. The next generation will not just encounter Fintech in the banking or other similar industries but in most medium to large organisations as well,” she said.

She further emphasised that the Fintech world was slowly diversifying creating a huge demand in the market in various specialisations, hence, one should not just be book-keepers but strive to become successful business partners as well as to take up business advisory roles in multinational organisations.

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of FortNynja, Jenna Huey who was one of the speakers at the launch shared her experience on how she pursued a lucrative career in Fintech following the change in the job market.

“It is no longer a time where people do not really understand Fintech like many years ago. It is a very lucrative market now, and if you are thinking of really jumping into the Fintech world by taking up a degree, this is very good time.

 “I did not start off from the financial or technological background so it does not matter what background you are from, you can always jump into Fintech,” she said.

Meanwhile, Dean of Faculty of Business and Management, Associate Professor Dr Pek Chuen Khee said, this new programme opens doors for students to understand the latest technology trends.

“This specially curated programme enables students to understand latest trends, impacts, innovations and applications using both financial and technological innovations in finance such as digital finance channels, blockchain, cryptocurrency, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

He also added, “In the near future, it is going to change conventional functions of financial market and institutions. Therefore, students who study this course will be able to understand the latest trends and their impact on the financial services industry as well as to be futureproof."

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