Hospitality Facilities

  • Learning Facilities

    Learning Facilities

    At the Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management of UCSI University, we have our fingertips on the pulse of what it takes to fully provide a world-class customer satisfaction and have, thus, tailored our curriculum to focus on ensuring that our students fully grasp it both conceptually, as well as, practically – the praxis.

    In demonstration to our steadfast commitment and standards, we persistently encourage our students with real-world industry competitions to supercharge their skills. As a result, we are proud to state that they have won numerous accolades and awards on both national and international levels over the years, besting even professional industry players in the food and beverage industry. We trust that our students are a cut above the rest because of our learning methodology that offers a dynamic combination of experiential education opportunities in the classroom, our five-star campus facilities, as well as, through extensive real-world industry and competitive exposures. It is our guiding philosophy and practice to bring out the best in every young aspiring hospitality professional under our wing, so that they will each raise industry standards and be an invaluable asset wherever they go. This is why the Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management graduates are distinctively composed, dignified, self-assured, and very much sought-after even before they graduate. If a cultivated career in the prestigious world of hospitality is what you desire, enroll now and let the Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management of UCSI University be your training ground!

    Before you explore us further we would like to warmly welcome you to our Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management of UCSI University.

    Below you will be able to explore our main entrance and corridors through our 360-degree view map.

      Explore the faculty’s main entrance
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      Explore the faculty corridor entrance 1 and 2
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  • Housekeeping Suites

    To enable students to practice the function of housekeeping in real life, the University housekeeping suite is patterned after our very own UCSI Hotel. The rooms help equip students with vital skills on how to manage resources, administer assets, and manage all the technical operations of a housekeeping department with equipped upholstery, furnishings, and fixtures present along with an attached bathroom.

  • Pastry, Bakery And Chocolate Lab

    The new bake labs are fully accessible and OSHA compliant. Students have access to:
    • a new 36 tray, dual mode, hybrid oven for real world experience in volume baking
    • specialty enhanced tools and equipment
    • 2 stage Chocolate Enrobing machines
    • 100 qt dough mixer
    • blast freezers

  • Experimental Restaurant

    Experimental Restaurant

    With an actual restaurant setting at Experimental Restaurant, which is part of the F&B outlet in UCSI Hotel, students are given the opportunity to obtain hands-on learning while serving customers. Our Experimental Restaurant is on-campus upscale casual restaurant training facility that is also open to the general public. Like killing two birds with one stone – not only will you be fed with delicious meals but you will also be giving our students a chance at real-life hospitality skills! Students in FHTM's hotel and culinary programs will put their practical skills to use by preparing lunches and light meals in a real-world environment, whereas, students in FHTM's Hotel Programs put their fine dining service skills to work.

    Explore the Experiential Restaurant
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  • Analogy Lab - Wine & Bar / Barista Training

    The Analogy Lab focuses on facilitating hands-on and experiential learning of wine, bar, and barista training. Equipped with a commercial grade espresso coffee machine, students can test and analyze the entire espresso-making process. The fully equipped lab will also allow students to create unique drinks, understand the world of beer, spirits, and wines. Overall, students learn the theory and practical skills of a wide range of beverages and mixology.

    Explore the Analogy Lab
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  • Front Office Training - UCSI Hotel Reception

    The front office reception is usually the first point of contact between guests and the hotel. UCSI University provides state-of-the-art front office facilities and environment to ensure students are trained with essential skills.

  • Continental & Apprentice Training Kitchens

    Continental & Apprentice Training Kitchens

    To ensure its hospitality students hit the ground running the moment they enter the workforce, UCSI University’s Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management is fully equipped with training laboratories for both commercial cooking (continental and apprentice training).

    Explore the Continental Training Kitchen
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    Explore the Apprentice Training Kitchen
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