Retail Facilities

Another Meal Box - Block G
Aromas Coffee - Block E
Cafe - Block C
Hatton - Block E
Hop-in Shop - Block G
Hua Yi Yuan - Block E
Library Cafe - Block B
Mixed Rice - Block G
Printing Express - Block A
TheQuad - Block E

Wholesome and Nutritious Meal Selections

UCSI University is dedicated to promoting a comprehensive approach to student well-being, encompassing both physical and mental health. On campus, a diverse range of services is available to support students in this endeavour. Within Block G, options such as Mixed Rice, Another Meal Box, and more provide a selection of nutritious and balanced meals crucial for sustaining physical health. Furthermore, the Cafeteria in Block A not only serves as a comfortable venue for enjoying a wholesome snack but also contributes to mental wellness by providing a tranquil setting for studying or relaxing between lectures. It serves as a nurturing environment that nourishes both the mind and body.