Retail Facilities


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Another Meal Box - Block G
Aromas Coffee - Block E
Bookstore - Block A
Cafe - Block C
Chicken Rice - Block G
CY's Kitchen - Block A
Everyday Espresso Cafe - Block A
Family Mart - Block A
Hatton - Block E
Hijao Coffee - Block G
Hop-in Shop - Block G
Hostel Cafe - Block D
Hot & Roll - Block G
Hua Yi Yuan - Block E
Juiceee - Block A
Library Cafe - Block B
Little Mamak - Block G
Medifoods Express - Block A
Mini Cafe - Block C
Mixed Rice - Block G
MyViet Cafe - Block G
Parcel Service Centre - Block G
Printing Express - Block A
Richman - Block G
Tami Mini Mart - Block E
TheQuad - Block E
Uncle Tony Corner - Block A
Unicomms - Block A
Wan Yeah Six Cafe - Block A
Wrap n' Go - Block A

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