Sports & Recreation

  • Badminton Court

    Badminton Court

    The Multipurpose Hall has two indoor badminton courts for students and staff to use on weekdays, provided there are no examinations, functions or classes at that time. Students and staff must bring their own badminton racquets and shuttlecocks, but may borrow the badminton nets through the Student Council office.

  • Basketball Court

    Basketball Court

    Staff and students can use the indoor basketball court on weekdays when the Multipurpose Hall is not booked for functions, events and examinations, or classes.

  • Gymnasium


    Students and staff may use the University’s Gymnasium, which has stationary bicycles, treadmills, free weights and machines. They may also consult an experienced gymnasium instructor who can supervise the training sessions during prescribed hours.

  • Squash Court

    Squash Court

    The Campus’ North Wing premise is equipped with three Squash Courts, which were built in compliance with national requirements.

  • Swimming Pool

    Swimming Pool

    Located at the Campus’ North Wing premise, the swimming pool is covered with a canopy to make it pretty much an all-weather facility where you can indulge in your favourite pastime, come rain or shine.

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