Music Facilities

  • Music Teaching Studios & Classrooms

    The teaching studios and classrooms are equipped with a piano and grand pianos, and designed to provide a conducive environment for lecturers to impart their knowledge on teaching, performances, practices, techniques, repertoire, skills, and contemporary music technology.

  • Music Practice Rooms

    With over 20 private practice rooms (most equipped with a piano) for student use, the Institute of Music also offers classroom space and pianos during the evening hours for students' practice sessions.

  • Ensemble Rooms

    The Institute maintains a number of ensemble rooms for ensemble rehearsals such as those for modern band, chamber music, choir, and orchestra. Through ensembles, students gain vital experience in performing with other musicians.

  • Keyboard Lab

    The Keyboard Lab is equipped with 20 MIDI-compatible electronic keyboards (for use with or without headphones) that are linked to a lecturer's central listening desk and a master digital piano. A fully configured MIDI workstation is also available for class demonstration and project use.

  • Music Tech Lab

    Comprising 10 fully configured Apple iMac workstations, the Music Tech Lab, with its advanced and user-friendly equipment, provides a home-styled, effective yet economical production environment for students to complete projects in MIDI sequencing, arranging, composition and song-writing.

  • IMUS UCSI Recital Hall

    Recital Hall

    Well-equipped with sound systems, audio/visuals, and recording facilities, the Recital Hall and the Auditorium is well-designed for professional performances and functions, furnished with theatre-style seating for 450 people.

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