Social Sciences Labs

  • Psychology Lab

    The Psychology Lab has two rooms equipped with facilities and equipment used for individual testing and counselling. It offers a one-way mirror for lecturers to observe simulated counselling sessions by students, and a Control Room equipped with a recorder player and a mixer for recording, editing and monitoring of individual and group testing, and for counselling, experiments, and others.

  • Editing Studio

    Editing Studio

    Equipped with iMacs and Adobe softwares. The Mass Communication Department’s Editing Studios are catered for students to assist them with their editing and post production media that will be published for all.

  • Screening room

    Screening Room

    A contented environment for media screenings and public speaking, the Screening Room offers an abundant of space for spectators and presenters alike to view topics presented on a mini-stage. The room also has a full greenscreen area as well.

  • Research Laboratory

    Research Laboratory

    For students undertaking their research, the Research Lab provides the space for collaborative work/ research, design/ planning, and engage in interactive discussion among students and lecturers.

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