Farhana Binti Abdul Barri

Research Impact:

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Farhana Binti Abdul Barri

Lecturer | Department of Chemical & Petroleum Engineering

Academic Qualifications

MSc Petroleum Geochemistry
BSc (Hons) Petroleum Chemistry

Areas of Interest
Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) using nanoparticles, surfactants derived from natural waste, polymers, Alkali-surfactant-polymer flooding, and Gemini surfactant.
Use of graphene nanoparticle in improving well stimulation fluid properties.
Professional Bodies

Member, Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Malaysia


Current Research Project

  1. Effective use of nanographene as nanomaterials to improve well stimulation fluid properties and wellbore remediation practices.
  2. Reservoir Modelling for Chemical Surfactants in Enhanced Oil Recovery Performance
  3. Stability Analysis for Polymers for Enhanced Oil Recovery Analysis
  4. Analysis on Gemini Surfactant Branching in EOR Properties
  5. Evaluation of Enhanced Oil Recovery Parameters for Polymers
  6. Evaluation of Natural-Derived Surfactants Effectiveness in EOR - using sawdust


  1. International Symposium on Earth Science and Technology 2016. 8-9th December 2016. Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan. Organized by Cooperative International-Network for Earth Science (CINEST).

Award and Recognitions

  1. Best Poster presentation in the CINEST conference.