Forensic Science – More Than Just Dissecting Bodies

KUALA LUMPUR, August 15 – The world of forensic science may be an exciting field for those who love challenges, though many might cast aside their dreams out of concern for having to perform surgeries on the dead as part of the job.

Head of the UCSI University Forensic Science Programme, Dr Nur Haliza Hassan admits that the misconception about forensic science as being solely related to dead bodies still exists.

"The field of forensic science is misunderstood by many, when it is in fact, a much broader field. Not all forensic tasks involve handling corpses. At the hospital, the act of dissecting the body is carried out by a forensic pathologist, and not a chemist or a forensic science officer", she states during the launch of the Bachelor of Science (Hons) Forensic Science programme at UCSI University today.

According to Dr Nur Haliza, there has been a growing demand for forensic science experts in today’s job market as more agencies and departments began to explore this field.

"This demand provides more career opportunities for forensic and chemical experts. At UCSI University, we offer 30 percent Chemistry subjects that qualify our graduates to sign up as registered chemists at the Malaysian Institute of Chemistry.

This is important as the signatures of our graduates are recognised for the signing of chemical reports in criminal cases and applicable in the Malaysian courts. Graduates are also able to work in the analytical chemistry sector, within various companies such as oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, paint and coating, as well as private investigation," she said.

Within the same ceremony, UKM Forensic Science Senior Lecturer, Dr Raja Muhammad Zuha Raja Kamal Bashah and Forensic Officer, Inspector How Xin Ni share their experience and information related to the world of forensic science.

The event was also attended by the UCSI Group Founder and Chief Executive Officer Dato’ Peter Ng; Vice Chancellor and President of UCSI University, Senior Academician Professor Dato’ Dr Khalid Yusoff; President of the Malaysian Forensic Science Association, Dato’ Dr Yew Chong Hooi; and the Deputy Director General (Policy) of the Department of Chemistry Malaysia, Abdul Rahim Shadan.

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