Graduates of technical professions failed to register can be fined

KUALA LUMPUR - A fine of RM50,000 for graduates from public and private universities specializing in technical professions especially engineering but fails to register as graduates with the Malaysian Engineers Board (BEM) as soon as they graduate.

Public Works Department Director-General Datuk Dr Roslan Md Taha said graduating graduates and materials surveyors were also required to register themselves with the Malaysian Institute of Architects and the Malaysian Survey Instrument Board upon completion of their studies to avoid being fined by the court for the offense.

"In our pursuit of developed nation status through the Industrial Revolution 4.0, we need graduates of public and private universities who are majored in technical professions, especially in engineering, architects and materials surveyors to enroll themselves with their respective institutions," he said.

He said the registration can be done online as soon as graduation and a lifetime registration fee of only RM50.

"We do not want any more cases of graduates from the discipline concerned to miss out on their respective job fields and in the event of any mistakes in their work we cannot identify them (because of the absence of their data in their respective online system systems)

"If graduates and employers (who take them to work) do not do so they can be fined no more than RM 50,000 if convicted by the court," he said.

He, who is also the President of BEM, said that graduates registered for the three disciplines also need to increase their competence to reach professional level in their respective fields.

"As of 2018, we have over 150 thousand registered graduates for technical professions in the job market and we are targeting by 2025, we will have experts from all three disciplines with an expert ratio of 100 (1: 100).

"We also encourage them to increase their competence by taking professional certifications for their respective fields so that they can compete globally," Roslan said.

The National Technical Profession Day will be held on 4 and 5 Dec at Dewan Tan Sri Mahfoz Khalid to reward those who contribute and give exposure to the new generation and raise the profession as the primary choice of school and tertiary students.

Among the replenishment for the two days is the BEM's Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematical (STEM) competition, technical presentation papers of invited speaker panels, 50 exhibition booths related to technical and engineering industries, as well as exhibitions of heavy machinery and ready-made vehicles disaster alert. - Bernama

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