Kuala Lumpur, 20 October 2003 - A group of UCSI (University College Sedaya International) students learnt about community service in just one weekend. According to student leader, Choy Yin Fuan, the weekend spent in helping the disabled people in their blood donation drive was something that he would remember for many years to come.

“We learnt a lot from this weekend alone. This is something that we could never have learnt all through our University life,” he said, adding that a University education would not be complete without the extra-curricular activities outside the University campus.

Choy, together with nine other University mates volunteered a weekend at the largest Blood Donation Drive in Subang Jaya organized by Beautiful Gate Disabled People Caring Center on October 18-19.

Director of Students Affairs, Sylvester Lim said that at UCSI, every student is encouraged to be involved in some form of voluntary community service.

“We believe our students will be more employable when they leave the University,” he said. “Part of the objective of the Student Affairs Office is to instill in our students the desire to help the less fortunate in our community.”

UCSI students, he said, have been involved in Public Health Campaigns, including the “Quit Smoking Campaign” held recently at UCSI, as well as a number of fund raising projects and springcleaning activities at various charitable homes.

“We are in the business of developing leadership qualities in our young people,” he said. “Our emphasis is in grooming them to become good employees with the relevant skills to do a good job in the employment market, when they graduate.”

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