Healthcare Supply Chain Management in The Coronavirus Era

UCSI University’s Logistics Student Association (LSA) and UCSI Pharmacy Student Association (UPSA) recently organised an online event entitled “Healthcare Supply Chain Management in The Coronavirus Era”. This knowledge sharing session was held on Monday, 23 November 2020. Due to the implementation of the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO), Zoom was used as the online platform for this talk. The target audience for this talk was UCSI students mainly from the pharmacy and supply chain programmes. Approximately 300 students and lecturers participated in this online event.

Doc2Us is the largest e-prescription telemedicine provider in Malaysia. The LSA and UPSA were proud to have Dr Raymond Choy, co-founder and CEO of the Doc2Us mobile application as a guest speaker. The event objective was to share the healthcare supply chain management during COVID-19 and learn how Doc2Us is dealing with this crisis and developing the healthcare system. During the talk session, Dr Raymond explained the vision of Doc2us, which is improving the health and well-being of all people. By integrating technology, they provide various services such as E-lab, E-appointment, E-pharmacy, Electronic medical record, E-home care and many more.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has presented an unprecedented challenge to public health,

Dr Raymond said online services would allow the general public to seek medical enquiries or ask general questions related to COVID-19 for free. Also, Dr Raymond Choy stated it is common for most Malaysians to prefer to go the pharmacy to get medicine themselves without the doctor’s advice. Therefore, Doc2Us creates a platform to assist patients to get the valid prescription generated by the Electronic Prescribing System (EPS). Thus, the patient can have an accurate prescription to purchase the right medicine.

There was also a Q&A session and Dr Raymond mentioned logistics accessibility for medication delivery in significant areas across Malaysia, where the patients can get the medication delivered to the doorstep within four hours. This whole transaction is cashless and contactless by scanning the QR code, and the medicine will be dispatched and dispensed by the central pharmacy. This method is a great way to consult a doctor without going out and also avoiding contact during this pandemic. Meanwhile, Dr Raymond highlighted the importance of automation technology such as drone delivery service to impact customer satisfaction in the future. He motivated logistics and pharmacy students to be open-minded towards market change and encouraged students to follow up on digital skills.

At the end of the session, the chairperson of the event Jerome Chu and vice-chairperson Patricia Lee, expressed their appreciation to the speaker. A token of appreciation was given by Assistant Professor Dr Siti Norida Wahab and Por Choo Shiuan to the speaker. Finally, the event ended with the committee group photo session, and each participant was given an E-participation certificate.