Kuala Lumpur, 6 December 2008 - Students from UCSI University’s Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Environment got together recently to complete a 58-square-metre model, complete with a landscape, for Hilton Petaling Jaya’s Christmas Train project.

The project was launched by the General Manager of Hilton PJ, Mr. Luc Bollen and the Deputy Minister for Women, Family and Community Development, Yang Berhormat Puan Noriah Binti Kasnon.

This impressive curio, which still occupies a large portion of the lobby area in Hilton PJ, will be on display until January 10, 2009.

The Christmas Train project is also a charity platform. RM 112, 500 was raised for 25 various charity homes and education funds. The contributions came from several local and international companies, which purchased advertising space through mini signages and liveries on the landscape model.

G-scale trains (22.5 times smaller than the trains they represent) trundle through a landscape of bustling roads, cars, homes, shops and “people running errands” just before the holidays.

A Hilton PJ security personnel, who has been working at the hotel for almost a decade, exclaimed that the design by UCSI University students this year was the most beautiful in the four years since Hilton PJ began this Christmas tradition.

“The first time, in 2004, a German expert came to set up the landscape. The landscape design by UCSI University is equal, if not better in design aesthetics and quality,” added Gopi.

Hilton PJ’s General Manager, Mr. Luc Bollen concurs with this. “The depth of detail of the entire model is fascinating, and the level of quality exhibited by UCSI University staff and students has been amazing,” he said.

Construction of the landscape model began more than three months ago, with many late nights spent by the Architecture and Engineering students and lecturers. They completed every last detail in time for the opening ceremony, despite the demands of their academic and class work. This year’s Christmas train project at Hilton PJ also marks a first, whereby the students themselves took charge of the wiring and lighting of the entire landscape model. They also single-handedly assembled the electric-powered trains. This was no easy feat, as the Engineering students had less than three days to complete everything while Architecture students added the finishing touches.

Dr. Jimmy Mok, Head of the Centre for Research Excellence said, “The students were divided into two teams and a leader was appointed to oversee both teams. This way, we ensured that everything got done in time.”  He went on to say, that aside from the experience they gained from completing the technical aspects of the project, they also gained confidence and leadership skills by completing projects according to tight deadlines.

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