Hone your creative flair at UCSI

Creative fields today, in the bloc, are booming as more companies shift online to run businesses. Agencies have been sourcing for great designers with the know-how to distinguish both up and coming brands, and brands that have been established.

Aquent – a London-based recruitment agency, has pointed out that firms were looking for creative professionals with the knowledge to drive brands to greater heights has become the latest trend, and this was no just a fad.

This is seconded with the World Economic Forum in listing creativity as the third most in-demand skill in 2020.

In 2021, it is not likely to change.

However, looking for creative and arts graduates with the ability to think outside the box and possessing a global mindset is rare.

To train graduates to espouse these ideals, the right education is needed.

The right start at UCSI

At UCSI University’s De Institute of Creative Arts and Design (ICAD), students are trained to fit and contribute to the needs of creative industries of the future. Under the tutelage of experienced academics, students are schooled in industry know-how and continue to hone their creative expression through internships, insightful industry talks and workshops, among others.

ICAD’s director Asst. Prof. Dr Khairul Azril Ismail said ICAD was committed in the education towards the social, economic, and cultural aspects of arts and design.

“By building relationship with the institutions, industries and technologies associated with the disciplines of arts and degisn, we demonstrate our desirability to business and other potential partners by providing opportunities for skills development, “he said.

The Industry Connexion

According to Dr Khairul, ICAD has established a number of collaborative industry partners in the areas of arts and design, multimedia and 3D animations.

Some of them, he said, were Telekom Malaysia Berhad, Qatar’s Oryx-Doha, Faber-Castell Malaysia, and Guangzhou Xinrongda Footwear, among others.

“Collaborations with these relevant, and related industries have given us the insights on current trends and future outlook,” Dr Khairul said.

Other than that, he pointed out that students’ participation in national and international competitions and events over the years, had also given the opportunity to showcase students’ talents and portfolios.

“Our continuous effort to reach out and reach in to industry partners through professional dialogues, workshops, including visitation to studios and workspaces have also give our students a touch of what to expect when going in to the workforce,” he added.

A Legacy of Excellence

Students at ICAD has gone to achieve tremendously at competitions and some of the alumni, today work at some of the top companies in the world.

ICAD’s 3D Animation design alumnus Du Junxian today works at Tencent Holding in China. He is responsible of creating game assets games, including the famous mobile game – PUBG.

Multimedia Design alumna Clarice Yong currently works for Malaysia Airlines as a multimedia designer.

“I am grateful to the exceptional lecturers I had during my time at UCSI. The impeccable learning environment at ICAD really helped me becoming the person I am today,” Yong said.

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