IELTS Test Successfully Conducted at the Terengganu Campus

Kuala Terengganu, Nov 24, 2012: 20 eager beavers – mostly university graduates and lecturers from various public universities in the east coast region – arrived as early as 7.30am on Saturday at UCSI University’s Terengganu campus to check in for their IELTS exam, the first IELTS test conducted on campus grounds. 

For their travelling convenience, candidates carpooled to arrive early. After security and identification checks, they were served morning refreshments and hot beverages before the four-hour test – segregated into four categories, namely listening, reading, writing and speaking sessions – commenced. 

The exam venue was a conducive and comfortable environment for the IELTS learning community, further enhanced by friendly examiners from the British Council and UCSI University’s administrative staff. 

Without their support, exam candidates would have had to travel overnight to Kuala Lumpur to sit for the test – not forgetting having to brave through heavy downtown traffic and being crammed in the same exam hall with more than 500 other exam candidates. 

By 4pm on the same day, all twenty candidates had completed their one-on-one oral interview session, which basically summed up the entire IELTS test experience, in contrast to IELTS exams in the Klang Valley area where oral interviews and written tests are normally conducted on separate dates, due to the high volume of exam candidates there. 

Tengku Mardhiah Tengku Jalal, a Medical Statistics student from Universiti Sains Malaysia in Kubang Kerian, Kota Bharu, found the IELTS test venue a conducive and strategic location although she needed to take a two-hour drive from Kota Bharu to stay over at a relative’s house the day before. 

“What motivated me to sign up for the test here was that I did not need to apply for leave; travel all the way to KL; suffer from fatigue resulting from long distance travelling; and be stuck in unpredictable traffic jams,” said Tengku Mardhiah. 

“I was comfortable throughout the test; the examiners, interviewers, staff and other fellow test candidates were supportive and friendly, plus the environment was comfortable. That put me in a relaxed state for the test and I believe I did well today,” she remarked happily. 

Jesvin King, UCSI University’s own first-year student said: “I am applying for an Oil & Gas Management programme; therefore, I need IELTS to support that and to improve my proficiency in the English language. Thank goodness we have an IELTS test venue here; I do not need to take leave from my studies to go to KL for the exam and I feel at home doing the test in my university’s exam hall.” 

Mr Vincent Hah, the Examinations Marketing Manager from the British Council, was quick to heap praise on the dedicated team of support staff and interns who were on duty in the campus on Saturday. He hoped that the conducive exam environment and dedicated staff would encourage more English learners in the east coast region to choose the Terengganu campus as the exam venue for their IELTS test. 

The IELTS test is conducted once every three months at the Terengganu campus, which has recently been appointed as a British Council IELTS Associate and the British Council’s only IELTS test venue in the east coast region. 

For those aiming to improve on their IELTS scoring skills, weekend IELTS workshops are conducted in the Terengganu campus. The next IELTS test is scheduled on Mar 23, 2013 and test results will be released 12 working days after the exam. 

For further details, please contact Vickey or Margaret at (+609) 628 1889 before the final registration date (Feb 7, 2013) for the next IELTS test.