Kind UCSI Students Win Khind Sponsorships

Relying on the relevant Government bodies alone to address matters of social interest to achieve a sustainable environment cannot be dealt with in the long run without the backing of non government entities. 

The participation of non-government organisations is necessary in order to complement and assist the authorities in executing some of its initiatives towards maintaining change in a balance fashion.

Understanding the need to call for action, two students of UCSI University each launched community outreach programme; one to educate the public on food wastage; and another to create awareness on mental-health related diseases.

Their ongoing initiatives were selected and sponsored RM10,000 each by Khind Starfish Foundation’s “Projects For Happiness” quinquennial anniversary celebration at UCSI recently.

The first project, “Towards Zero Waste – Feel and Heal” led by Regina Leong Zhi Ling, is aimed at educating some 100 students and teachers of SJKC Ping Ming (Johor) on how waste is created from daily eating habits and ways to turn food waste into something useful such as compost.

Leong, who is working with the Aquatic Science Student Association (AQSA) for “Towards Zero Waste”, is currently in her final year of the Aquatic Science degree programme at UCSI.

She is currently observing and analysing the water quality in the area as part for her final year project. Leong intends to use the outcome of her final year project as among the methods to conduct her ongoing welfare initiative.  

The second project, “The Mind Flu Project” led by Foo Hui Ying, focuses on creating awareness on mental health diseases among secondary school students. The programme has successfully assisted participants from different schools organise related events in their respective schools. The end goal is to bring this initiative to the larger community.

The Bachelors in Doctor of Medicine first year student noted that 70% of the project’s goals have been accomplished. Moving forward, she said her team of 11 members will be promoting the project through a mobile application to generate a higher mental health awareness amongst secondary school students.

As part of Khind’s deal, Leong and Foo must ensure funds that they have received are efficiently utilised towards realising the objectives of their initiatives within four months.

UCSI University’s School of Architecture and Built Environment Professor Dr. Mohd Tajuddin Mohd Rasdi said the University was committed towards achieving a sustainable environment. He cited UCSI’s promotion of United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) agenda as a point in case.

He added that UCSI’s recent recognition as the only private university to lead the Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE) Kuching was a testimony that the University was striving in the right direction.

“To achieve this, we have launched a series of events, activities and initiatives that are in line with the directions and objectives of Khind Starfish Foundation. I am pleased to see two projects by UCSI University students have been selected and sponsored by Khind Starfish Foundation,” he said when delivering his speech at the event.

At the event, Khind Holdings Berhad Chief Executive Officer Cheng Ping Keat announced a RM1 million allocation to its charity foundation – Khind Starfish Foundation (KSF) – to continue supporting and encouraging undergraduates in helping the underprivileged society.

KSF, according to Cheng, was founded to nurture young leaders to be compassionate future leaders that would drive the country in the right direction

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