Kuala Lumpur, 20 November, 2010 - UCSI Group’s Laurent Bleu Skin Science Centre is now offering short courses in beauty therapy to the public. The Centre’s Laurent Bleu Skin Science Academy hosted its first workshop “Gorgeous Skin and Make-Up Tips” over the weekend, offering basic skin and make-up advice to an intimate group of about 10 people. 

Centre Manager Sharon Ang said the courses are a way to reach out to the public and provide them with useful information they can take home. 

“Other workshops are more based on selling than teaching,” she said. “We are part of UCSI University. We actually just want to teach people.” 

Academy Trainers Ms Mandy Wong and Ms Allison Liu led the course, starting with a short demonstration before breaking down the steps to achieving beautiful skin and make-up. Ms Wong led the first half of the session and spoke to the class about the importance of skincare. 

“Gorgeous make-up begins with gorgeous skin,” she said. 

Starting with mini-facials for the entire group, Ms Wong helped students identify their skin types to determine if they had oily, dry, normal or combination skin. Based on their skin conditions, she then helped them choose the right products and taught them the proper techniques in which to cleanse, moisturise and protect their skin before applying make-up. 

Leading the second half of the class, Ms Liu taught basic make-up techniques suitable for everyday wear. 

“A woman’s make-up is successful when you don’t see the make-up, you see a gorgeous person instead,” she said. 

With training from Singapore and Hong Kong in professional, bridal, high-definition and stage make-up, Ms Liu taught the class how to apply a proper base of foundation, concealer and powder before teaching them how to correctly apply eye-shadow, blush and lip gloss. The session ended with students trying their own hand at the new techniques using sample make-up provided by the Academy. 

“I’m really happy I attended this course, because I wanted to learn the basics for make-up,” said class participant Lina Wong. “I found the eye shadow application most interesting.” 

Zoeyn Su Yiyin, another participant, said she learned a lot about skincare. 

“The most interesting thing I found was how to (properly) apply cleanser,” she said. “Before this I didn’t know, I just put it on.” 

The Laurent Bleu Skin Science Academy offers training in beauty, aesthetics and cosmetology with certificates and diplomas through the UCSI Beauty Therapy Programme. “Gorgeous Skin and Make Up Tips” was just one of a series of short courses the Academy plans to offer the public. It will host a follow-up workshop from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, December 4. Building off the basic make-up course, the next workshop will teach more dramatic make-up techniques for nighttime and special events such as applying fake eyelashes, creating smokey eyes , shaping eyebrows and choosing the right colours for your skin. Please call 010-267-8626 for more information.