Over RM2mil investment for UCSI’s social sciences and liberal arts’ facilities

In any field or industry, the learning process at the higher education institution is the final step before students venture into the working world. The exposure to the working environment received at a university or college is vital in setting students towards a seamless career progression upon graduation.

As such, facilities and teaching quality are imperative factors that most higher education providers, these days, give much emphasis to.

At UCSI University, the Faculty of Social Sciences and Liberal Arts (FOSSLA) recently invested over RM2 million to prepare two main facilities namely the Media and Broadcasting Centre (MBC) UCSI and the UCSI Clinical Psychology Lab.

MBC UCSI was completed in 2019 as a broadcasting centre for communication students to display their creativity in becoming a TV broadcaster or a journalist. MBC comprises a radio studio, TV studio, voice recording room, photography studio, as well as changing room and make-up room – standards equivalent to a real newsroom studio.

According to the Mass Communication’s head of department, Kenny Choong Eng Soon, the       RM1 million centre uses the latest high tech equipment such as green screen, 4K camera, professional software, acoustic room and photography lab among others.

“These facilities prepare space for UCSI students to translate their ideas using proper industry-standard equipment. At the same time, students get to familiarise themselves with how the industry works.

“These facilities are also valuable for the students to complete their tasks or create products for any competition. As an effort to ensure its students possess additional skills and knowledge, UCSI University also collaborates with various industry players,” he said.

Furthermore, MBC also offers services at an affordable price for industry players who are interested to use these facilities.

As for the UCSI Clinical Psychology Lab, the faculty invested over RM1 million for this lab. The lab comprises of five different rooms – the assessment studio, observation room, discussion room, psychotherapy studio and group therapy studio.

For the assessment studio, there are 11 types of different psychology tools used to cater to different clients including IQ and personality tests while the observation room consists of two different rooms equipped with cameras and a two-way mirror.

The discussion room is a counselling room while the psychotherapy studio acts as a space for ice-breaking sessions. The group therapy room is a consultation room for clients and the counsellor.

According to the Psychology head of department, Dr Zhooriyati Sehu Mohamad, this lab offers students a place to conduct their industry-standard practical training with the help of equipment provided.

“UCSI University is one of the five universities in Malaysia that offers clinical psychology studies. We also plan to register the UCSI Clinical Psychology Lab as a clinic this year for the public to come and get their diagnosis.

“UCSI also has its Child Psychology Lab with two rooms for assessments and activities. The room is also equipped with various toys that are suitable for children,” she said.

Success beyond borders

Cherish Leow, the Assistant Vice-President of Branded Content and Editorial Service for Astro, said she was absorbed as full-time staff at Astro after undergoing her industry placement with the leading Malaysian satellite television provider.

“I find the best and most engaging lectures are conducted by lecturers with industry exposures – those who have had hands-on experience in either advertising or media industry.

“Because these type of lecturers are able to bring the real-world case studies to the classroom, and their experiences spark our imaginations as students," she said.

Like Cherish Leow, UCSI University has produced many other students who have gone on to work at top companies.

Suzanne Ling, alumna of the BA (Hons) Psychology programme, was inducted in the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2018 list for her contributions to social entrepreneurship in co-founding social enterprise – Picha Eats, with two other UCSI alumni. 

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