Professor Ooi’s Most Downloaded Articles Shed Light On Sustainability and IR4.0 In Business

UCSI University’s Professor Ooi Keng Boon has won two awards for the Most Downloaded Article 2018 from Elsevier that focus on sustainability via green supply chain management practices and cloud computing in IR4.0.

The first article, entitled A Gateway to Realizing Sustainability Performance via Green Supply Chain Management Practices, essentially evaluates whether the implementation of selected green supply chain management (GSCM) practices will drive and empower sustainability among ISO14001-certified manufacturing firms in Malaysia.

It can be postulated that the GSCM practices of Internal Environmental Management, Investment Recovery, Eco design and Environmental Collaboration influence sustainability performance positively and significantly while there is no significant relationship between Supplier Selection, Supplier Evaluation and sustainability performance. Cooperation with Customers on the other hand influences sustainability performance significantly but negatively. 

This article was co-authored with Foo Pik Yin, Dr Lee Voon Hsien and Garry Tan Wei Han (Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman).

According to Prof Ooi, “GSCM has been proven to drive sustainability performance; and sustainability is particularly important in the field of Business and Information Science so that the welfare and sustenance of the Planet’s future generations will not be jeopardised by any unethical or irresponsible business operations that leave irreversible negative footprints on the Planet.

He added, “With “green” being the new “lean”, experts in the field will be intrigued to determine and continuously develop industry-specific strategies and best practices to drive sustainability performance according to the constantly evolving situations and demands posed by various stakeholders.”

“The significant findings of this research may contribute towards attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to Malaysia, he concluded.

The second article entitled Cloud Computing in Manufacturing: The Next Industrial Revolution In Malaysia, emphasises how with the use of cloud computing technology, enterprise systems are transformed, providing firms with more agility in the employment of services, expanding flexibility, and improving productivity.

As such, the emergence of cloud computing is one of the most promising technological innovations which has a potential to improve the process efficiency of manufacturing firms. 

With such efforts, the Malaysian manufacturers will be positioning themselves closer to achieving Industry 4.0 and subsequently achieving the goal of TN50 (also known as Transformasi Nasional 2050), which is to realise the dream of becoming one of the top 20 countries in the world by the year 2050.

This article was co-authored with Dr Lee Voon Hsien, Garry Tan Wei Han, Hew Jun Jie (UTAR) and Hew Teck Soon (University of Malaya).

According to Prof Ooi, “The research adds value in providing an extended literature review for future scientific investigation by exploring how performance expectancy, effort expectancy, firm size, top management support and absorptive capacity of cloud computing technology can lead to innovativeness and firm performance among the Malaysian manufacturing firms.”

“Another contribution of it is the engagement of rigorous statistical technique of PLS-SEM-ANN approach. The advanced statistical approach serves as an important reference point and possibly a new statistical paradigm for future studies regarding statistical analysis and methodologies,” he said.

 “The adoption of cloud computing technology decentralises record keeping and information management into the cloud as the new central, giving businesses flexible and up-to-date information on their business performance. This could improve the insight of a scenario, bring quicker decision making which subsequently increase business performance and efficiency.

On how UCSI has helped him in his success, Prof Ooi had this to say, “UCSI has provided a very supportive climate for me to expand my horizons as a professional academician. Thank you, UCSI for all the support rendered.”

Additionally, he said, “Being awarded ‘The Most Downloadable Article’ is certainly another feather in the cap for UCSI in practical demonstration of how interesting and appealing these papers are in the eyes of the myriad of downloaders. These awards will undoubtedly enhance the reputation and rankings of UCSI in favourable ways.”

“Last but not least, I would like to thank Elsevier for recognising our accomplishments,” added Prof Ooi.

The journal Expert Systems With Applications has an impact factor of 3.768 based on the Journal Citation Report (JCR) in 2017 and a citation score of 5.22.

Below are the links to the articles:

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