Professor Ooi Among the World’s Top 1% of Reviewers

Professor Ooi has been awarded the 2018 Publons Peer Review Award in which he was listed among the World’s Top 1% of Reviewers in the field of 'Social Sciences, General'.  Publons awards the top 1 percent of active reviewers in different fields of scientific research for their contribution to scholarly peer review and the number of pre-publications review completed.

Publons (United Kingdom) is owned by Clarivate Analytics which is formally known as Thomson Reuters (ISI) which owns Web of Science (e.g., SSCI, SCIE, AHI), EndNote and ScholarOne among others. Publons has partnerships with major publishers such as Taylor and Francis, Emerald, Springer Nature, Oxford University Press, Sage, Wiley, etc.

According to Prof Ooi, “Peer review activity is the heart of the research community. This award comes timely as recognition of my role as a reviewer and also a showcase on the number of reviews conducted over the years. In addition, the award also provides confidence to other editors in deciding whether to engage my service as a reviewer. This benefits me in terms of professional development.”

“In a review process, when you make a suggestion for improvement on someone's work, you need to have knowledge about the subject. Hence, you need to continuously stay updated and relevant in order to maintain this knowledge. Indirectly this helps in making me a better academician,” he added.

Prof Ooi also stated that “As reviewing requires a lot of your time, you need to be disciplined, hardworking and have a lot of passion in reading the work of others. Dedication and commitment is also a must as you are not paid for reviewing.”

On UCSI University’s role in his achievement, Prof Ooi said that “UCSI University has been very encouraging in relation to my research activities. Specifically, the award would not be possible without the strong support and the appropriate strategic direction given by the top management.”

Prof Ooi has reviewed around 71 articles over the last one year. Among some of the recent journals include Expert System with Applications (Elsevier; ISI; SCIE), Telematics and Informatics (Elsevier; ISI; SSCI), Information and Management (Elsevier; ISI; SSCI; SCI), International Journal of Finance and Economics (Wiley; ISI; SSCI), Online Information Review (Emerald; ISI; SSCI), Technology Forecasting and Social Change (Elsevier; ISI; SSCI), Decision Support Systems (Elsevier; ISI; SCI), Journal of Cleaner Production (Elsevier; ISI; SCIE), International Journal of Hospitality Management (Elsevier; ISI; SSCI) and International Journal of Production Economics (Elsevier; ISI; SCIE). 

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