A quick visit to Google Asia Pacific Headquarter

Another unforgettable experience for Andrew is the visit to Google Asia Pacific headquarters in Singapore. He was amazed by Google’s practice in promoting a conducive environment for employees to brainstorm and simply hang-out.

The two-hour visit hosted by Mr Daren Yoong, Industry Lead, Government and Consumer Goods of Google brought Andrew and 10 other UCSI students from Youth Beyond Boundaries around the smart building. They got to see how Google offers an open working environment for their employees to work creatively and innovatively.

“All employees in Google get the chance to innovate; they are given some time off to just sit and brainstorm for ideas. I personally think through this culture Google has managed to introduce a new system to enable employees to get creative,” he said.  

Andrew aspires to become a better leader for his own community and hopes to share the good input that he had obtained in his visit to Google. He mentioned as the Head of Breadboard, he wants to make sure that all members are ready to be involved in creating ideas and to make their contributions count.  

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