Tey Wah Yen

Tey Wah Yen

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Tey Wah Yen

Lecturer | Department of Mechanical Engineering

Academic Qualifications

MEng Mechanical
BEng Mechanical

Areas of Interest
Development and Implementation of advanced computational methods (FD/FV/FE/meshfree/IBM) for fluid flow problems and wave dynamics.
Mesh free Methods
Applied Numerical Mathematics

Research Grants

  1. Name of grant: Pioneer Scientist Incentive Grant
    Funder: UCSI University
    Project Title: Element Free Galerkin Method for Ray Propulsion Mechanism 
    Code: -
    Durations: 1/2/2017-31/1/2019
    Role: -
    Amount: -
    Status: -
  2. Name of grant: Takasago Research Grant
    Funder: Tasakago Ltd
    Project Title: Cloud Optical Depth Retrieval via Infrared Radiation Analysis for Solar 
    Code: -
    Durations: 1/11/2016-31-10-2018
    Role: -
    Amount: Radiation Prediction 
    Status: -
  3. Name of grant: MJIIT Research Grant
    Funder: MJIIT, UTM
    Project Title: Heat Transfer over A Porous Rotating Disk 
    Code: -
    Durations: 1/7/2017-30/9/2018
    Role: -
    Amount: -
    Status: -


Current Research Project

  1. Development of advanced finite element methods and meshfree techniques
  2. Application of numerical schemes for computation biomass

Awards and Recognitions

  1. Best Paper Award International Conference on Aviation Technology and Management 2018

Networks and Collaborations on Research

  1. MJIIT, UTM, Malaysia
  2. Tokai Univ, Japan