The 2nd Innovation Challenge 2020

The 2nd Innovation Challenge which was held on December 3 and 4, 2020 was organised by UCSI University’s Logistics Management department and supported by the Faculty of Business and Management. Due to the CMCO, this year’s event was conducted online via Microsoft Teams.

The theme of the event was “Logistics and Supply Chain Technological Innovation”. The event saw 18 groups of students participating with a variety of innovations that would be useful in the field of logistics as a whole.

One of the innovations included a natural exhaust filter which was designed using a natural resource to keep the surrounding environment healthy yet also sustainable. Air pollution from gas emissions including carbon monoxide is increasing in line with the increasing number of motor vehicles. Thus, this innovation gives inspiration for many industry practitioners to implement this kind of technology with sustainable materials towards enhancing the sustainable environment.

According to Reynard Trisnadi, one of the group members taking the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Supply Chain Operations Management programme, this is the first natural exhaust filter that is environmentally-friendly and can be very practicable for every household and industry to implement it.

Another project by the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Logistics Management students was called “Eco brick Pallet”. This unique creation is mostly to ensure the warehousing activity still goes on track yet sustainable as well. It was build based on the awareness on the importance of sustainability in every logistic activity.

“We are recreating the Eco brick Pallet from the rubbish especially in terms of plastic materials to become a useful product and can be utilised for operations purposes within the logistics industry. Instead of using woods, the whole pallets are made from used plastic bottles and are packed tightly with dry, non-biodegradable materials,” said Theaw Ming Yau, eagerly presenting the group’s creation to the jury.

Lim Tze Yang, also a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Logistics Management student, showed how the Eco-friendly Gunny Sack was entirely environmentally friendly yet durable enough to be built as a storage tank at low cost for use in the chemical industry. The aim of producing this material was to find an alternative to fiberglass and even fiber-reinforced plastic.

The creativity of the students was further exemplified in other projects such as the Damage Detector which was a built-in X-ray system in which the machine can examine the condition of products inside the carton without unboxing the package. According to Arka Parulian Prawiradirja, one of the benefits of this product is able to reduced manpower. Besides, it is able to enhance product quality and reduce the cases of return goods. This is the first of its kind and yet in the logistics industry.

Others projects included the Ergonomically Braced Utility Vest, which is one-of-a kind and bridges the gap between stationary ergonomics setup to wearable ergonomical aids. Syed Noman Khusro highlighted that the industry has overlooked the importance of ergonomical work environment for quite some time, and is now moving towards the adaptation of the concept.

Another unique project was a special watch called “Scanner Watch” which aids warehouse staff to ease warehouse operations. Victree Lim Wei, leader of the Scanner Watch, explained how staff can directly scan the cargoes' code by pressing the Scanner Watch button instead of holding a scanner. It is lighter than a standard scanner and can be brought by the staff anywhere.

Also present at the event were selected judges, namely, Mohammad Nazmuzzaman Hye from Third Wave Technologies Limited, Bangladesh, Sean Jose Mookan from BP, Intan Sharina Mohamad Isa from German-Malaysia Institute (GMI), Dr Muhammad Iskandar Hamzah from UiTM, Ts Dr Salini Devi Rajendran from UCSI University’s Faculty of Business and Management and UCSI University’s Faculty of Engineering, Technology and Built Environment lecturer, Dr Yeap Swee Pin.

UCSI’s Assistant Professor Ts Dr Siti Norida Wahab said that the event was the continuation of last year's event and it encourages students to be creative and innovative. It is in line with SDG 9 – Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure and SDG 3 - Good Health and Well-Being in terms of safety. Although small, the initiative is a good one that will help to produce industry-ready students.

“This kind of event should be continued in the coming years not only for logistics students but for all UCSI students,” said Dr Siti.

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