Kuala Lumpur, 02 December, 2010 - Tommy Emmanuel c.g.p., two-time Grammy nominee and renowned guitarist, was at UCSI University to conduct a short workshop for students and members of the public. During the two-hour workshop, budding and aspiring musicians were able to learn from the master himself special techniques on guitar-playing, as well as be advised on making it in the music business. 

Earlier in the day, Emmanuel was among the panel of judges to choose a winner among five finalists in the “Get Inspired” Finger Style Guitar Competition. Dubbed as “finger-pickers”, this unique guitar-playing style required all ten fingers to be used while playing the guitar to produce a much richer sound. 

Other judges included UCSI University Contemporary music lecturer, Juan Pablo De Zubiria; Audio Electric Research (AER) Managing Director, Udo Rosner; The Guitar Store founder, Kuah Wei Chin; and renowned Malaysian guitarist, Roger Wang. 

Banker, Christopher Aban won the grand prize in the competition, winning a Maton guitar worth RM4699, with a chance to perform at the Penang Island Jazz Festival. Second prize went to Alex Koh Chun Eik while the third prize went to the youngest contestant, 15 year-old Ng Yen Ray. 

Tommy Emmanuel is in Malaysia for a one-week visit organised by The Guitar Store, supported by UCSI University and the Penang Jazz Festival, and sponsored by AER and Maton guitars. 

With a long tradition for producing musicians, UCSI University’s School of Music continues to support and organise landmark music events in and around Malaysia, exposing its students to real events and hands-on training. A team of the University’s music students were part of the organising committee for both of Tommy Emmanuel’s workshop at the University and the concert at Wisma MCA, Kuala Lumpur on the 3rd of December, thereby giving the students an opportunity for personal contact with people from the music industry.