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Ts Bahri Bin Mahmud

Lecturer | Department of Logistics Management

Academic Qualifications

Member of Chartered Institute of Logistic Management
Member of Association of International Accountant
Dip Accountancy
Cert – London Chamber of Commerce

Areas of Interest
Integrated logistics reporting system (SAP-ERP)
Sensors and Internet of things (IOT) on logistics
Green Ship Technology
Logistics operational health and safety

Current research project

Study on Green Ship Technology From the Perspective of Malaysian Seaports and Coastal Areas Environment.


To date, I am the first author and/or the corresponding author on the conferences.

The complete list of all my publications are as given below:

Journal Publications

  1. Internet of Things (IoT) for Manufacturing Logistics on SAP ERP Applications
    Bahri Mahmud1.
    Journal of Telecommunication, Electronic and Computer Engineering (Volume 9, No. 2-6, 2017, Pages 43 to 47)
    e-ISSN: 2289-8131 Vol. 9 No. 2-6


 Proceedings of Conferences/Seminars/Colloquium

  1. BAFE2018 (BAFE085)
    E-proceeding-A Conceptual Study on the Readiness of Malaysian Ship-Owners Using Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) As Maritime Fuel. Pp.638-649


List of Undergraduate Supervision

To date, I have successfully supervised many undergraduates and 4 postgraduate students at the Masters level.

  1. Kevin Raj & Wan Muhammad Aizat (1001539350 & 1001439201)
    BA (Hons) Logistics Management
    Title: “Taxi E-hailing Application Service: Customer Satisfaction in Kuala Lumpur”.
    Status: Completed
  2. Khisshan Raj & Kong Khee Nung (1001335212 & 1001026088)
    BA (Hons) Logistics Management
    Title: “Customer Satisfaction towards Rail Transport Service in Kuala Lumpur: KTM Komuter”.
    Status: Completed
  3. Chua Shie Sheng & Tee Kai Chun (1001336295 & 1001438073)
    BA (Hons) Logistics Management
    Title: “The Implementation of RFID Brings Benefits in Retail Industry”.
    Status: Completed
  4. Chin Kai Sheng & Tee Chia Yang (1001335212 & 1001026088)
    BA (Hons) Logistics Management
    Title: “Tracking and Analyzing the Performance of Trucks in Logistics Industry”.
    Status: Completed
  5. Tan Jia Yao & Yap Jon Yik (1001336333 & 1001437423)
    BA (Hons) Logistics Management
    Title: “Study on Alibaba Logistics Transportation Systems and Developments”.
    Status: Completed
  6. Sun Shin You & Nie Si Liang (1001335212 & 1001026088)
    BA (Hons) Logistics Management
    Title: “Study on Online Shoppers Perception on Customized Logistics Service”.
    Status: Completed
  7. Kok Ka Sing & Jeremiah Tan Kong Sheng (1001541949 & 1001541896)
    BA (Hons) Logistics Management
    Title: “The Influence of Safety Culture to Warehouse Accidents in Malaysia”.
    Status: Completed
  8. Ku Zu Ho & Chin Jun Hern ( 1001540857 & 1001540169)
    BA (Hons) Logistics Management
    Title: “The Impact of Inbound and Outbound Logistics Operation Activities of Chili Sauce Production”.
    Status: Completed
  9. Stanley Oji Nwosu & Ye Li Qin ( 1001130670 & 1001232792)
    BA (Hons) Logistics Management
    Title: “A Case Study on the Application of Social Purchasing Applied in Malaysia”.
    Status: Completed
  10. Chong Wei Ming & Paul Tan Kang Yew (1001439058 & 1001439282)
    BA (Hons) Logistics Management
    Title: “Passengger Safety in Taking Kommuter (KTM) in Malaysia”.
    Status: Completed
  11. Avithra Dhia & Pavithran Sathiseelan  (1001542732 & 1001644230)
    BA (Hons) Logistics Management
    Title: “Determinants that Affect Klang Valley (Malaysia) Consumer Preference in Rail Industry”.
    Status: Completed
  12. Lim Jin Cheng & Tcheng Mun Kong (1001643527 & 1001741732)
    BA (Hons) Logistics Management
    Title: “Perception of Malaysian Motorist towards Electronic Toll Collection in Kuala Lumpur”.
    Status: Completed
  13. Toong Chee Loong & Soe Zhao Hoe (1001437103 & 1001437718)
    BA (Hons) Logistics Management
    Title: “Study on Factors Affecting the Utilization of Park & Ride Facility in Cheras”.
    Status: Completed
  14. Magarajothi Ravindran & Pavithra Ragen (1001438485 & 1001439161)
    BA (Hons) Logistics Management
    Title: “Logistics Service Quality in E-Retailing amongst Online Shoppers in Kuala Lumpur”.
    Status: Completed
  15. Ho Weng Chen & Saranyah Ramasamy (1001540590 & 10011642819)
    BA (Hons) Logistics Management
    Title: “The Study of Warehouse Safety Enforcement According to OSHA amongst Warehouse Workers in Klang Valley”.
    Status: Ongoing.
  16. NurAzalea Mohamed Azuddin (1001645121)
    BA (Hons) Logistics Management
    Title: “Study on The Effectiveness of Inter-Connecting Facilities for Commuters at Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS)”.
    Status: Ongoing.


List of Postgraduate Supervision

To date, I have successfully supervised 4 postgraduate students at the Masters level. The details of the students are as given below.

  1. Shayaain Ashgar – 1001644338 (Complete) Master Logistics Management.
    “Impact on Efficient Logistics and E-WOM Regarding Online Purchase Intentions of University Students in Karachi”.
  2. Ali Mohsin Salim Baawain – 1001645948 (Complete) Master Logistics Management.
    “Impact of Logistics Sector on Economic Growth of Oman”.
  3. Sameen Ateeq – 1001746131 (Complete) Master Logistics Management.
    “Impact of Logistics and Satisfaction on Customer E-Royalty through Online Shopping in Pakistan”.
  4. Yang Xingue - 1001748490 (Completed) Master Logistics management.
    “Third Party Logistics (3PL) Logistics Developments in the Company’s Perspective in China”.

List of Membership in Professional and Academic Bodies

  1. Chartered Institute Logistics Transport (CILT) M1199.
  2. Malaysia Ship Association (MASA) Sub Committee.