UCSI’s School of Architecture and Built Environment Contributes to the Community

UCSI University’s School of Architecture and Built Environment (SABE) which is in its Kuala Lumpur campus has not let the uncertainties and restrictions of the pandemic pace turn them down in executing various exciting initiatives such as performing corporate social responsibilities, exhibitions, publishing books and much more.

SABE believes in producing future designers and thinkers that seek liveability and right livelihood, inclusiveness, ethical sustainability, environmental and social responsiveness, as well as conviviality and cultural robustness in their built environments.

SABE students frequently work alongside revered experts on undergraduate projects that address global challenges. Recently, a book titled, “Bajautopia: Tales of Borneo's Sea Nomads” was officially published by UCSI University's architecture students and co-edited by SABE’s Head of Postgraduate Studies, Dr Ng Keng Khoon.

The book comprises hybrid materials such as poems, comics, photographs, site drawings, imaginative sketches, artworks, and other visual materials that focus on the livelihoods of the Bajau Laut Kampung Bagau-Bagau, Semporna, Sabah.

“This book is comprehensive in the sense that we are trying to encapsulate different disciplines, raise public awareness about the challenges faced by the Bajau Laut community and promote social inclusion,” said Dr Ng.

Besides this, SABE students also support the livelihood of Persons with Disabilities (PWD) by collaborating with Sin Chew Daily to conduct a design workshop to improve a PWD’s living conditions at home and create an awareness of PWD design considerations in Malaysia’s housing scheme.

Eight students from BSc (Honours) Interior Architect and BSc (Honours) Architecture with their two lead lecturers, Lim Ker Chwing and Dr Allen Lau visited a retired Paralympic athlete, Tony where they presented two design proposals that would enhance the PWD’s living conditions and accessibility in his home.

While enjoying many opportunities to explore and hone their crafts, SABE’s final year students also recently showcased their innovative designs at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport

(KLIA). The school’s late student, Noah Iskandar Fuad designed the installation Polyhedron Pavilion, and secured a grant for a project before his passing last year 2021.

“His legacy is the Polyhedron Pavilion, a triangulated structure that was inspired by the study of geometries originating from East Malaysia tribal tattoos. The pavilion is a collaborative creative engagement between students, educators, and local institutions,” stated on UCSI University’s social media page as a tribute.

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