Kuala Lumpur, 12 November 2011 - The UCSI Alumni’s Lifelong Learning Talk 2: How to get Paid More and be Promoted Faster, was successfully held at North Wing featuring Dr Peter Ting, regional Vice President of UCSI Blue Ocean Strategy Regional Center. 

“A change of mindset and continuously updating our knowledge, skill and attitude are basic requirements to be successful in our career”, these were among the points shared by Dr Ting whose charismatic nature and approach kept all participants glued to each point highlighted. He injected humor and personal experience and made it applicable to current working environment. 

Sharmini Hrikerisnan, an alumna of UCSI University felt that the talk was very educational and the goals were within reach, making it easily attainable and easily put into practice with just some changes to our mindset. Another participant Fabiyi Olawale was very grateful to have attended such an interesting talk and stated, “Normally I attend talks and the likes because someone with a different perspective from mine will be sharing, but I was more interested this time because it had to do with Blue Ocean strategy. It will be one I won’t forget because I learnt some new things and some old things in a new way. I commend the Alumni network for all the hard work they're putting into making the Lifelong Learning talk a success" 

Bernard Hu, an alumnus of UCSI University felt that the talk was very beneficial as it enabled him to discover the tactics needed to be successful in his career and working with difficult team mates. All participants were glad to have come to this talk, and hope not to miss future Lifelong Learning Talks by the Alumni Network featuring experts from the industry. 

Dr Ting also spent 30 minutes answering questions and giving advice to participants who were actively engaged in the discussion and seeking advice on challenges they are faced with in their work. 

The next talk to be organised by the Network is on ‘Wine Appreciation’ where participants will learn to appreciate the culture of wine, getting to know the different wines red and white, old and new worlds; pick up the simple art of wine tasting; and reading wine label. 

The Talk will be conducted by Dr Ho Loon Shin, a retired medical doctor and member of the Chateau Wine Club of Johor Bahru. Dr Ho organises wine studies and many learning sessions for beginners, engaging wine aficionados from Singapore, Italy, France, USA, Germany, New Zealand, and Australia to learn more about the nuances in wine and willingly shares whatever knowledge gathered. For more details, you may refer to: 

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