KUALA LUMPUR, 23 August 2007 - University College Sedaya International (UCSI) held its Merdeka celebrations within its campus grounds in the true spirit of unity, a reflection of a multi-racial and multi-cultural society living in harmony, celebrating 50 years of independence. 

Merdeka celebrations are a yearly affair at UCSI, but this year’s celebration were celebrated by going down memory lane and showcasing the journey taken by our predecessors and how Merdeka was achieved by sweat and tears. 

Mr. Kit Chin, UCSI’s Vice-President (Academic) said, “UCSI’s Merdeka celebrations aim to teach our students of our past, to celebrate our present and to look to the future with hope and anticipation."

Professor Dr. Norfazillah bt. Hitam, Vice President, Research and Corporate Affairs added that, “UCSI is a very international community, with some 60 countries represented here. We want to share our country’s history with our international students and reflect the true spirit of unity that has prevailed and endured and made us truly different and unique from the rest of the world.” 
The celebration at UCSI kicked off early with the raising of the national flag after which the local staff and students recited the Rukunegara. This was followed by a theatre performance by the students from the Compulsory Bahasa Malaysia Subject course which recounted the days of occupation by the Japanese, the declaration by the various races in Malaysia to work together in unity to claim Independence from the British and the first call for Merdeka! This was followed by the gentle and graceful Sumazau dance from Sabah, by our students.A spirited and moving poetry recital by Simon Goh Wai Kit ensued. He said that he could recite the poem with full emotions as he had researched about Merdeka earlier and fully understood that his citizenship was something very previous and invaluable. Alumnus Soon Hock Chuan and undergraduate Yeoh Pek Ann then played the instrumental version of “Jalur Gemilang” on the harmonica and cello. The next presentation was the “Joget Melayu” which was a lively dance which moved the audience to clap along. Ms. Azatul Iryani Umardin, the Malay Culture Club (MCC) President at UCSI said, “This is the best Merdeka celebration ever! As a Malaysian in UCSI’s internationalised community, I have felt that despite the differences among our different races and cultures, we must always look at the example from the leaders of our past and learn from them to work in unity for the betterment of our nation.” 
Ms. Shobna Shree a/p Krishnan, Deputy Vice President of UCSI’s Student Council said, “The Merdeka celebrations have drawn not only the participation of our own local students, but has also enabled our friends from other countries to enjoy our rich and colourful heritage and understand us better as Malaysians.” 

The event ended with a sing-along session led by the choir. The audience made up of UCSI staff and students sang the ever popular patriotic songs, “Keranamu Malaysia”, “Malaysia in the Eyes of the World” as well as “Malaysiaku Gemilang”. 

Merdeka 2007 celebration at UCSI, though simple, was a most enjoyable and meaningful celebration.

"Without prejudice to the rights of UCSI the information herein is correct at the time of printing and UCSI reserves the right to make amendments without prior notice."

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