UCSI Co-Organises VERNADOC Camp

UCSI Co-Organises VERNADOC Camp

VERNADOC (Vernacular documentation) refers to a methodology for vernacular architecture study that emphasises the collecting of data and information on site by basic techniques to produce high quality measured drawings. Finnish architect Markku Mattila started the first international VERNADOC in 2005 and now it has involved participants from more than 30 countries.

It is expected that the results of work from the process of measurement and illustration will inspire building owners as well as people in the community to realise the values of their property as perceived by outsiders, so that they will co-operate in conserving those buildings.

The duration of the VERNADOC Camp is 2 weeks where participants spend their first week on site for the measuring session and back into studio for inking session. The purpose of the site measurement enables the participants to feel and understand the architecture and building materials. During the 1 week of measuring, participants are also able to familiarise themselves and communicate with the local communities in order to understand the sentimental aspects of the building.

The inking session is where the participants present their drawing by adding textures and shadows by ink onto their drawings. Participants will learn how to indicate the building material (bricks, timber, steel, masonry, etc.) the VERNADOC way by using dots and lines.

VERNADOC Pasar Taiping was jointly organised by Taiping Heritage Society, UCSI School of Architecture and Built Environment (SABE) and VERNADOC Malaysia which was held from 7th to 20th January 2020. This event involved 2 instructors from Thailand and Malaysia and 24 local and international students from UCSI’s SABE including students from Egypt, Maldives, Syria, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Indonesia. An exhibition and sharing session of the VERNADOC Pasar Taiping Series will be held on 9th February 2020, from 8am – 9pm at Pasar Siang Malam.

Built in the 1880’s, Pasar Taiping is the oldest functioning wet market in Malaysia. A proposal for restoring this building has been approved by local authorities after the dilapidation survey. VERNADOC Malaysia will document the building before the refurbishment works which is expected to commence by mid-2020. VERNADOC Pasar Taiping also received support from Majlis Perbandaran Taiping, Icomos Malaysia, Jane Yap Atelier and Suriwong Group.  

“SABE has established community projects through events collaborative with the local council, local communities as well as professional practitioners. This is not merely valuable training for our students to produce high quality architecture work, it also provides a discussion platform towards architectural conservation work in Malaysia,” said Doris Quek, SABE lecturer.

Hence SABE’s foundation lies on the premise that architecture is an art form that which requires professional practice, personal artistic development and technical knowledge of buildings. Students are encouraged to build on their portfolio while working with professionals in the field. Through this, they will acquire the knowledge and skills for them to succeed in the real world.