UCSI Dean wins Top Cited Paper Award from Elsevier

UCSI University’s Professor Ooi Keng Boon has won the Top Cited Paper award (2014-2018) from Elsevier (US) for the Telematics and Informatics Journal for his seminal research paper titled NFC Mobile Credit Card: The Next Frontier of Mobile Payment

Professor Ooi’s findings revealed that technology acceptance models and psychological science constructs are most relevant in predicting consumer behavior and public willingness to adopt near-field communication (NFC) mobile credit cards.

NFC is a set of communication protocols that enable two electronic devices – one of which is normally a smartphone – to communicate when they are brought within 4cm of each other. It is best reflected by the rise of mobile payment services like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay, among others.

"Finance-related factors like perceived risks and perceived financial cost were found to be insignificant", said Professor Ooi, who postulated that more research would be done on NFC mobile credit cards in the future.

"The findings of the study has practitioner implications for mobile and telecommunication organisations as they develop and implement future mobile marketing strategies.”

Amassing 145 citations to date, the paper has also been highlighted as one of the 50 most critical highly cited papers in 2015 in the Citation-based analysis of literature: A case study of technology acceptance research – an article published by Scientometrics Journal (Springer, US).

The paper was also identified as one of the 50 highly cited papers from a total of 1,555 journals articles published from 1989 to 2014 using the Clarivate Analytics (Thomson ISI-Web of Science) database.

Prior to his latest award, Professor Ooi has also been recognised as one of the World’s Top 10 Most Productive (by number of publications) and Influential Researchers (in terms of H-index) in the discipline of mobile commerce and its applications from 2000 to 2015 in the Thomson ISI-Web of Science.

This distinction is based on an article authored by Hew J. J. (2017) titled Hall of fame for mobile commerce and its applications: A bibliometric evaluation of a decade and a half (2000–2015), in Telematics and Informatics (Elsevier, ISI; SSCI), Volume 34, Issue 1, pp 43-66, 2017

Telematics and Informatics Journal is currently indexed with Clarivate Analytics (Thomson ISI-Web of Science); Social Science Citation Index (SSCI); Journal Citation Report (JCR)-2016, IF = 3.398 (Q1 Journal).

The paper was co-authored with Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman lecturer Garry Tan Wei Han, Finance Accreditation Agency director Dr Chong Siong Choy and Universiti Malaya academic Dr Hew Teck Soon.

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