UCSI fashion students exhibit exclusive designs at KL City Gallery

KUALA LUMPUR: Kuala Lumpur City Gallery (KL City Gallery) has once again commissioned an exhibition featuring outfit designs by UCSI University’s (UCSI) students from De Institute of Creative Arts & Design (ICAD). 

The exhibition, aptly named ‘ART•KUALA LUMPUR•FASHION’, is the outcome of the students’ specialised study in fashion design at ICAD. 

Five students who were involved in the showcase each created an exclusive 10-foot-long outfit made entirely of paper. 

According to Ng Yen Lynn, she and her partner Leong See Wen took almost a month to create the non-wearable outfit – from sketching to constructing the materials. 

Despite it being part of their assignment, the young designer said it was an exciting project to work on. 

“The exhibition was a part of our assignment. It took us a few weeks to work on our outfit and it was really challenging, especially having to use papers instead of cloth. But it is very rewarding to see the completed work that is up and ready to be seen by the public,” said the young designer. 

Ng also said that the exhibition is a valuable opportunity for them to obtain constructive and professional feedback. 

“We have all enjoyed working on our creations for this exhibition,” she said. “It is always exciting to design for a specific space. We certainly look forward to the public’s feedback, positive or negative, as it will help us hone our skills.” 

The exhibition has not only become a showcase for the young designers but also a vivid testimony of the Institute’s commitment to educational excellence where their students are highly encouraged to participate in competitions, exhibitions, and industry projects under the guidance of their lecturers. 

In addition to the paper outfits, the exhibition also featured the sketches and illustrations of ‘KL Town’ themed outfits by over 10 fashion design students from the diploma and degree programmes. 

Speaking about the exhibition, fashion design lecturer Lucas Lim Boon Leong enthused, “We’re very grateful to the management of KL City Gallery for once again allowing our students to exhibit their work. They have always given us support and offered their gallery as a space to allow the public, tourists and art enthusiasts to appreciate our students’ craft up close.” 

Lim also added that ICAD is more than thrilled to have KL City Gallery’s continuous support in the years to come. 

“Support and encouragement from the local art scene and major industry players definitely have a profound impact on our teaching and learning at ICAD. Through their involvement, our students have the opportunity to expand their horizons in the art industry. We hope that we will have the honour of working with KL City Gallery again in the future,” he said. 

Carol Khan, the Communication Director of KL City Gallery said, “At some point during their study, students will want to start exhibiting their work to the public. The work they produced is a notable achievement in their field of interest. I am genuinely impressed by their work for this particular project and the professionalism they demonstrated during this opportunity.” 

She also added that the exhibition not only provides good publicity for the students but also serves to promote community involvement and will benefit KL City Gallery as one of the most visited tourist attractions. 

‘ART•KUALA LUMPUR•FASHION’ is on display at KL City Gallery from 1 August to 30 September 2016.