KUALA LUMPUR, Thursday 5 August 2004 - What would you do if a stranger suddenly stops you and offers to dedicate a song to you on the street? 

It is not a snatch theft drama unfolded, but a mere pleasant surprise for you. Would you brush the stranger aside or take some time to enjoy the special song dedication?

For the whole of August, this is exactly what talented and “cool” UCSI Edu-Jays (short for “Educational Deejays”) will be doing as part of their programme – “Street surprises!”

“On normal school days, we would usually visit the schools,” said its coordinator, Steve Tan. “Now, we are giving street surprises to put a smile on everyone’s face. We want people to enjoy some of the performances our music students are able to put together.”

It is also a way for the mass communication students to gain exposure being Edu-Jays. Tan added: “Education goes beyond the classroom.”

Since becoming a University College last year, UCSI – an 18-year old institution renowned for the provision of a wide variety of quality education in Malaysia – is taking to the streets to let students know the university better. “As most people are still not familiar with UCSI, we have planned the street surprises as part of our efforts to make UCSI known to the public,” said Tan. “It is our branding exercise.”

The Edu-Jays will also be giving away free bottles of mineral water, with the UCSI label and sponsored by the University. The mineral bottle label has the artist’s impression of the state-of-the-art UCSI campus in Taman Connaught. “With these limited editions of the UCSI mineral water bottles, we invite the public to visit us at our new campus,” Tan added.

Tan said the UCSI Edu-Van was conceived with the intention to build public relations bridges with the secondary school students and members of the public. “We will always welcome sponsors who can give us goodies,” he said. “To date, a number of companies have been very generous in giving away their freebies.”

Sponsors may contact either Steve Tan or Stephen Ng at 03-91018880. UCSI is one of the first few colleges to be upgraded to become a University College. It is also one of the few prestigious institutions of higher learning with a wide range of degree programmes in the Klang Valley.

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