As Malaysians were celebrating the 49th National Day last month to commemorate the nation’s independence, prosperity and unity enjoyed over the past 49 years, three University College Sedaya International (UCSI) A-Level students proved that the Malay, Chinese and Indian community are able to progress side-by-side to achieve excellence as one nation.
Representing the three major races in the country, Umar Tayyib bin Azizan, Ling Wenna and Lalijah a/p Nagenthiran emerged as top students when they scored straight A’s (4As) in the recent A-Level June 2006 examination at UCSI.

The threesome attributed their success to UCSI A-Level lecturers who gave them continual guidance and encouragement throughout their A-Level studies.Lalijah, 19, a former student of Sekolah Seri Suria in Cheras, strongly believes that nothing is impossible if there is proper guidance and supports from the lecturers.
“Whenever I don’t understand a particular lesson, they are always there to guide, to coach and to advice with much patience,” commented Lalijah. “I couldn’t have done it without their valuable guidance.” she added.
Lalijah, who scored 4 A’s, is planning to further her studies in medicine and is hoping to be a successful medical specialist in the future.

Despite the change of environment and also separation from the family, Ling, 19, believes that the lecturers’ support has made it easy for her to cope with studies away from home. “Relax and do not give yourself too much pressure, as the lecturers are always there to help in times of difficulty,” she assured students intending to take up A-Levels.

Ling, a former student from SMK Bukit Mewah, Seremban, is grateful for the full scholarship offered by UCSI for her A-Level studies and she pledged to excel in her upcoming degree programme in medicine. 
Their fellow classmate and former student of Sekolah Agama Menengah Hulu Langat, Umar, also scored 4 A’s and has an interesting story behind this achievement. 

Umar, 18, was influenced by his three elder siblings who had completed their A-Level studies with exceptional results at the very same university, UCSI. He is also planning to follow the footsteps of his brothers in pursuing a medical degree programme. 

“A-Levels is a difficult course but with sufficient effort and concentration, flying-colour-results will be in hand,” Umar commented.When asked on the reason they preferred A-Levels studies in UCSI, all three top-scorers also agree that the modular London A-Levels has provided them with flexibility.According to Head of the A-Levels Department, Mabel Tan, the London Modular A-Levels is more advantageous to students. “It gives students sufficient flexibility,” she said. 

The London Modular A-Levels has also been given high regard by some of the world’s most established universities. “Major universities in the United Kingdom, including the University of Cambridge, has given it a high ranking,” said Tan.

A-Levels is one of the most recognised qualifications around the world. They are accepted as proof of academic ability for entry into universities and any other institutes of higher education, and they are equally important for young people moving into employment.

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