UCSI offers English Enrichment Training to secondary school teachers

PERAK: UCSI University’s (UCSI) experts of the English language recently shared their expertise with secondary school teachers through the English Enrichment Training Programme held at Ritz Garden Hotel, Sri Manjung, Perak. 

The two-day training organised by SMK Methodist ACS Sitiawan is part of the Dual Language Programme (DLP) – a countrywide initiative by the government to uphold Bahasa Malaysia while strengthening the usage of the English language. 

Aimed at improving the instruction of the English language in schools, the training is designed to prepare Mathematics and Science teachers to use the lingua franca to teach in the classrooms. 

The training saw Asst Prof Dr Chan Nee Nee, Dean of UCSI’s Faculty of Social Sciences and Liberal Arts (FoSSLA) and Asst Prof Dr Genevieve, Acting Head of FoSSLA’s English Language and Communication (ELC) Department sharing their knowledge and expertise through insightful presentations and English language games. 

The training was attended by 105 teachers from six participating schools. They are SMK Methodist ACS Sitiawan, SK Methodist ACS Sitiawan, SMK Dindings, SK Muhammad Saman, SJKC Chinese National and SJKC Chung Cheng. 

According to the principal of SMK Methodist ACS Sitiawan Ding Kong Leong, the teachers who attended the training were very appreciative of the knowledge shared by the English experts. 

Speaking of their effort, Asst Prof Dr Chan explained that the programme’s focus on teachers is part of a larger effort of the Faculty to provide sustainable education development throughout the country. 

“FoSSLA and the ELC Department are happy to share our knowledge and skills with the secondary school teachers. As English is a world language used in business, science and research, mastery of this language is imperative for our students both in secondary schools and universities to succeed in the world stage,” she added. 

Building off the success of the training, she affirmed that the ELC team would be conducting a camp aptly named the Form One English Camp for 150 Form One students of SMK Methodist ACS Sitiawan. 

The Camp will take place in SMK Methodist ACS Sitiawan on 28 May 2016. It will be conducted by Assoc Prof Dr Shalini Teresa Fernandez, Deputy Dean of FoSSLA and Justina Ng Chiew Fen, lecturer of the BA (Hons) English Language & Communication programme.

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