Kuala Lumpur, 12 December 2003 - Besides the usual counseling sessions, UCSI (University College Sedaya International) Open Day will also feature a number of fun-filled activities that will be attractive to children and the whole family. 

Free medical consultation and medicine will be given out during the two days function. UCSI see this as her service to the community. UCSI’s Quit Smoking Clinic consultations will also be carried out for members of the public hoping to quit smoking. There will also be free eye tests conducted by UCSI’s Eye Optician. 

According to UCSI’s Vice President of Corporate Communications, Chin Peng Kit, the university is a place for the community. “We want our community to see us as being a very real part of them,” he said. 

Chin added that the Open Day is also a good time to gain exposure for students to help them make informed decisions about their career options, even for those who were not selected for the National Service recently. Chin explained that, “UCSI has come up with additional intake dates as well as intensive semesters to help students called for National Service to maximize their schedule of study; UCSI counselors are available to provide more information on this.” 

“We believe this is a very suitable time just before our semester begins on December 28,” he said. “Students will need to make a decision, and we have attractive incentives to offer if they enroll on our Open Day.” 

Dr Nafsiah Shamsudin, the head of the School of Nursing, will also be giving a talk on the "Bachelor of Nursing Programme: Developing Nurses and Nursing Through Education" on Saturday December 20 2003 at 11am. “We know that there is a shortage of nurses in the country,” she said. “Nursing is a profession, which many young people have yet to discover its potential.” 

Dr Nafsiah, who is a reputable nurse academician in the country, said that registered nurses throughout the country are also invited to the nursing preview. With the approval obtained from the Ministry of Education, UCSI will launch its Bachelor of Nursing (Honours) soon. 

Students who enroll for any degree, diploma and foundation programme at UCSI will have the opportunity to purchase a Hewlett-Packard(HP) laptop computer at RM1,700. “We are a wireless campus,” said Chin. “With this, we encourage our students to own their own laptop at an affordable price.” 

Study loan and financial assistance will also be given to deserving students, through various loans, including Kojadi and National Higher Education Fund (PTPTN).