UCSI organises a workshop to promote active blended learning

KUALA LUMPUR: Centre of Excellence for Learning and Teaching (CELT) recently organised a workshop aptly named ‘Engaging Students in Active Blended Learning Using Web 2.0 Tools’ on campus grounds. 

The workshop was facilitated by Professor Dr Mohamed Amin Embi, Director of the Centre for Teaching Excellence and Learning Technologies, UKM. He conducted more than 100 specialised training on e-Learning, interactive lecture, e-content development, Web 2.0 and OER at the national and international level under the Malaysian Higher Education Leadership Academy’s Training of Master Trainers Programmes. 

The workshop highlighted how certain web 2.0 tools can be used before, during and after class to promote active blended learning. It focused on the delivery of online and face-to-face input through multiple sources, the use of online and face-to-face process in interaction and collaboration, and the requirement that learners produce some evidence of the active blended learning, taking place in and outside of the classroom. 

As active blended learning is participatory in nature, the workshop is divided into two parts. In the first part, participants revisited their conception of teaching and active learning while in the second part, they were guided on how to make use of selected Web 2.0 tools to enhance classroom learning.

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