UCSI places importance on bioscience studies

Established in 1999, UCSI University’s Faculty of Applied Sciences has distinguished itself as one of Malaysia’s leading hubs of scientific study. The faculty stands out for the quality of academic teaching and research in Biotechnology, Food Science, Nutrition and Aquatic Science.

The faculty is home to intelligent and ambitious individuals who target a fast-track career in food technology, food science, applied science and others related science courses.

This dynamic culture of scientific discovery is driven by the faculty’s goal to develop effective biology-based technology for application in everyday life.

Nothing is ever taken for granted and each conjecture is thoroughly debated, assessed, tested, and refined. The faculty is making great strides in drug discovery, food and water safety, greater crop yield, and the cure of diseases, among others with no signs of stopping.

Research is a central theme at the faculty as most of the academics are PhD holders who stand out in their respective disciplines, being actively involved in publishing their work in international research journals while being fully committed to supervising their students.

Our students go beyond themselves in every endeavour and the faculty provides them with myriad avenues to shine. The faculty enjoys an impressive haul of intervarsity awards and many of our undergraduate students steal a march on their postgraduate counterparts by publishing their research findings in scientific journals.

Success is an integral part of the faculty’s identity and character.

Industry demands quality graduates

The bioscience industry in the state of Oregon, the US, alone supplies over 47,000 direct and indirect employment.

Meanwhile, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan have expressed intentions to develop “homegrown” Covid-19 vaccines. Citing the sluggish rollout plan as a factor that deters effort to contain the spread of the disease, these three countries are resolute to prevent the spread domestically.

This calls for the demand for quality graduates to advance science. And this is what UCSI’s faculty of applied sciences stand for – to provide smarter solutions for a smarter planet.

The faculty offers programmes in biotechnology, aquatic science, forensic science, food science and nutrition, among others.

Cutting-edge facilities

The faculty’s cutting-edge labs and facilities have played an integral part in research and

in assisting students make great strides in various scientific discovery.

The faculty houses the wet and dry aquatic labs with aquarium tanks to home jellyfish and seahorse; a facility with advanced imaging technology that enables researchers visualise the cell growth and condition; and facility to analyse biochemical enzymes, as well as organic and inorganic molecules to identify and separate components within natural and artificial materials.

Distinguished Alumni

BSc (Biotechnology) alumni Dr Kumar Veerapan today serves as Hail Support and Community Outreach Manager in the US.

His affiliations is with Analytics and Translational Genetics Unit, Centre for Genomic Medicine Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, Stanley Center for Psychiatric Genetics, The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Cambridge, Massachusetts, US, and Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts.

“One of my greatest achievements was to obtain my PhD in human genetics from the University of Miami. It has always been a passion of mine since I was 14 years old to gain the expertise in analysing genetic data.

“Through the training provided to me from UCSI and the University of Miami, I then secured my position at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard and the Massachusetts General Hospital as a research fellow and outreach manager for Hail as a genomics analysis tool,” said the 2009 alumnus.

Another success story comes from Wong Lok Yee, who graduated in BSc (Food Science and Nutrition) in 2019.

Today, Wong works as a Nutritional Executive at Dutch Lady Milk Industries Bhd.

“UCSI is definitely a good platform to understand the working environment. The academics are experts in their own field with sufficient knowledge of the industry,” she said.

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