UCSI Scholars Meet Datuk Nicol David

UCSI scholars meet Datuk Nicol David

KUALA LUMPUR: World number one squash player Datuk Nicol David visited UCSI University (UCSI) recently to receive the Malaysia’s Top 10 Most Inspiring Young Leaders and Personalities Award. The award honours exemplary individuals who have inspired young Malaysians through leadership, business, sports, and community service. 

The visit also saw Nicol spending an hour with more than 50 scholarship recipients from the UCSI Scholars’ Club (U-SchoS) to share her long journey to the summit of competitive squash. 

During the interactive Q&A session, she spoke about her career, the challenges she had to overcome and the pressure of being a role model. 

On coping with pressure, she shared that preparation is important. 

“Whether it is an examination or a tournament, you need to prepare well. On the day of a match, I tell myself that I have done all the work necessary – I did not miss a single day of training – and I just give my best,” she said with a smile. 

When asked how she would inspire the younger generation to be more involved in sports, she said that a change in mentality is important. 

“Youngsters must not think that they cannot do sports. Even if you are not good at it, you can just enjoy it or be involved in other activities like walking,” she said. She added that the squash facility at UCSI is a step in the right direction in encouraging this. 

She received her award from Dato’ Peter Ng, UCSI Group founder and chairman. The award winners were chosen by students of local and private institutions of higher learning in Malaysia as part of a three-day leadership lecture series organised by U’SchoS’ last year. During the lecture series, prominent corporate, industry and community leaders gathered to share their thoughts and speak on leadership. 

The leadership lecture aimed to provide a platform for tertiary education students – to not only learn about leadership practices from top leaders, but also how they positively impact the community through their roles. 

According to USchoS’ president, Suzanne Ling, the club was motivated to organise the event to help the younger generation meet or exceed the standards of leadership set by some of the current leaders in Malaysia. 

In total, 31 candidates were nominated for the award by Malaysian students – between 16 and 25 years old – from local public and private IHLs. 

Other winners of the award are Air Asia Bhd CEO Aireen Omar, Groupon Asia Pacific international vice-president Joel Neoh, Chatime Malaysia Managing Director Bryan Loo, singer and songwriter Shila Amzah, actress and pop singer Lee Sin Jie, pop singer Fish Leong, and YouTube sensation Jin Lim (Jinny Boy) to name a few.