UCSI Scholars Organise Leadership Lecture, Datuk Lee Chong Wei Voted As Most Inspiring Young Personality

UCSI scholars organise Leadership Lecture, Datuk Lee Chong Wei voted as most inspiring young personality

KUALA LUMPUR: Dato’ Lee Chong Wei topped the list of Malaysia’s Top 10 Most Inspiring Young Leaders and Personalities. The award – organised by UCSI Scholars’ Club (U-SchoS) – saw students from institutions of higher learning (IHL) in Malaysia select a leader between 21 – 45 years of age whom they feel best inspires them. The award was held concurrently with the U-SchoS’ Leadership Lecture Series (ULLS). 

The first two days of the lecture took place recently from March 29 – 30 this year while the third was held on 31 May 2014. The Lecture was organised by the UCSI Scholars’ Club (U-SchoS) – formed by scholarship recipients at UCSI University (UCSI). 

According to Shannen Choi, head of UCSI University Trust who is also the advisor to U-SchoS, the three-day event aimed to provide an ideal platform for learners – from various IHLs in Malaysia – to not only learn about good leadership practices from outstanding leaders but also how these leaders impact the community through their roles. 

“We hope to inculcate strong leadership values among the young leaders in the University and the country,” she said 

During his opening speech, UCSI vice-chancellor and president Senior Professor Dato’ Dr Khalid Yusoff highlighted that “going to university is more than just learning the core subjects and being trained to obtain the right skills.” 

“It is an attempt at maturation and an effort at character-building. What is learned and experienced outside the classroom may be as important as and more enduring than what is learned in the classroom.” 

“This leadership lecture – which is organised by UCSI scholarship recipients– shows that they are serious about character-building and maturation.” 

Themed, ‘Developing the Leader in U’, the last day of the leadership lecture saw exclusive master classes – conducted by various distinguished speakers – and a highly anticipated Up close and Personal session with several inspiring young leaders. 

These include Dato’ Justin Leong, Head of Strategic Investment & Corporate Affairs, Genting Berhad; Ms Phng Li Kim, CEO of Kechara Media & Publication, celebrity TV host and motivational speaker; and Mr Benjamin Yong, Founder & Group CEO, the BIG Group. Jason Lo, CEO of TuneTalk, will also speak to students during the U-SchoS’ Meet the Leaders session to be held on 12 July 2014. 

Leadership: Attitude and Trust 

During the master class conducted by Marina Mahathir, she spoke about her years of experience in leading non-profit organisations. 

“Communication plays a great role in project planning and implementation. Whether the project will be able to succeed or not, a huge part is determined by the team’s coordination and communication,” she said. 

CelebrityTV host and motivational speaker Phng Li Kim also expressed her views on leadership. 

“Being a leader is not rocket science. It is a matter of choice and a matter of attitude. And my advice to all of you young people – never lose who you are in the process of becoming a leader. Always be real to yourself.” 

As the founder and Group CEO of the BIG Group, Benjamin Yong pinpoints trust as the most important characteristic of leadership. 

“Believe in your people. I set up the company together with five of my friends, until today, they are still with me.” 

Datuk Lee Chong Wei voted as most inspiring young leader 

The leadership lecture also saw an exclusive award – namely, Malaysia’s Top 10 Most Inspiring Young Leaders and Personalities Award – being presented to prominent corporate, industry and community leaders as well as personalities. 

In total, 31 candidates were nominated by Malaysian students – between 16 and 25 years old – from local public and private institutions of higher learning. The Top 10 Most Inspiring and Young Leaders and Personalities were selected based on votes by the students. 

Badminton player Datuk Lee Chong Wei topped the list, while famous artists like Angelica Lee Sinje and Fish Leong, Groupon founder Joel Neoh and CEO of Air Asia Aireen Omar were also among the top ten young leaders shortlisted for the Award. 

To link the event back to the community, U-SchoS contributed RM0.05 for each vote received. At the end of the voting period, the rounded up amount of RM1, 000 was donated to the Dignity for Children Foundation that focuses on educating underprivileged children.