UCSI Students Display Creativity Through “Integration” Portfolio Showcase

Most people believe that we are all not born creative; it is a skill that needs to be developed. Vast experiences, as well as exposure to art and culture, help improve the creative aspect of our minds. Even Leonardo da Vinci took four years to complete the Mona Lisa drawing.

Therefore, in order to bring out the creativity in students, UCSI University’s De Institute of Creative Arts and Design (ICAD) successfully conducted a three-day graduation portfolio showcase entitled “Integration” at Block G, UCSI University, Kuala Lumpur from 23 to 25 August 2019.

UCSI University’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic, Student and Alumni Affairs, Associate Professor Dr Jimmy Mok Vee Hong delightedly officiated the launching ceremony of the portfolio showcase on the first day.

Also present at the launching were UCSI Group CEO and Founder, Dato’ Peter Ng, Arts and Design’s Head of Department, Kevin Ng Chin Chwee, “Integration” project manager, Soo Ai Win, lecturers and students.

In his speech, Dr Jimmy pointed out that criticism should not hinder us from continuing to be creative.

“Creativity is subjective; what is creative for you might not be for someone else. Therefore, focus on being creative in your own way instead of listening to what others want to say,” he remarked.

Dr Jimmy elucidated that many people tend to avoid creative endeavours due to the fear of failure.

“We cannot avoid failure; therefore, we might as well treat it as a learning opportunity. Creative failures help us improve and see which changes lead to positive impacts and which changes lead to more failure,” he added.

“Integration” project manager, Soo Ai Win stated that this showcase was a stepping stone to expose the creative and expressive side of the students to the public, including the industry.

“Our main target audience are the art and design industry of Malaysia, foreign studios, other tertiary institutes alongside with final year high school students,” she said.

“This portfolio showcase has enabled the public to become aware of us. More and more people will get to know that arts and design can be learnt in a fun and creative way,” she highlighted.

“Integration” also has helped us to define the word ‘teamwork’ as we come from different majors working as a team. All of our time and effort spent for this showcase was worth it as everything came together well,” she added.

Soo pointed out that more hands-on events that encourage students achieve their fullest potential should be conducted to help the students get out of their comfort zone. She also added that by doing so, they will have the chance to learn and acquire new soft skills.

Concurrently, assistant project manager, Kok Hong Li emphasised that effort of the students involved was the best part of “Integration”, which attracted everyone interested in arts and design.

“Integration” gave us the public exposure needed as well as a platform to create brand awareness. It also helped to connect with potential clients or creative industry players, apart from sharing knowledge,” she added.

“In future, I hope that there will be more information exchange between ICAD students and industry players to help them survive in a competitive environment,” she pointed out.

Moreover, Kok highlighted that future portfolio showcases should collaborate with industrial partners or third parties outside of UCSI to help increase the exposure of the students’ creations.

During the launching ceremony, Dato’ Peter Ng was invited to view the student’s projects. Following this was the presentation of tokens of appreciation by Dr Jimmy to Dato’ Peter, Integration’s platinum sponsor, Chialat Photocopy and project manager, Soo Ai Win.

“Integration” was conducted by 26 graduating students from different majors in Bachelor’s and Diploma degrees in Graphic Design, Multimedia Design, and 3D Animation by portraying their creative abundance yet formulated simplicity of contemporary design.

In the event, all 39 projects developed by the students represented various themes portrayed throughout the entire three days of the showcase.