UCSI Students Learn Leadership From Ola Bola Director And Crew

UCSI students learn leadership from Ola Bola director and crew

KUALA LUMPUR: UCSI University’s (UCSI) Scholars Circle (U-Schos) recently organised an exclusive forum session titled, “You Will Believe Again” with the production team and cast of the silver screen smash hit Ola Bola on campus grounds. 

The forum brought together the film director Chiu Keng Guan, the score composer San Weng Onn (an alumnus of UCSI’s Institute of Music) and cast members Muhd Luqman Hafidz bin Mohd Fauzi and Lim Jian Wen who play Ahmad Ali and Ong Tiam Cai respectively. 

The forum was organised in collaboration with Astro and attracted over 300 UCSI students from different faculties including the members of U-Schos. 

The forum corresponds with U-Schos’ objective to continuously inculcate strong leadership values among its scholarship recipients through exposure to industry leaders and notable alumni. 

It saw the team members of Ola Bola share their take on leadership and personal values that they learned from filming the film, which depicts a pivotal moment in Malaysian football history – the country’s qualification for the 1980 Olympics. 

The president of U-Schos and event organising chairperson Bernard Chin Kai Yang said that the forum also offered an amazing opportunity for personal development for the younger generation. 

“To lead a big group of people is not an easy feat but Chiu and Onn San did it with their production team. Ola Bola is the embodiment of successful leadership both on the pitch so many years ago and now in the film production,” he said. 

Bernard, who currently reads the BEng (Hons) Petroleum Engineering programme in UCSI, also said that the forum made him realise that there are many ways one can be a leader. 

“I gained insights on how the leaders in the creative industry align the team members to work towards the same goal. That is one of the biggest challenges I’m facing as a leader,” he said, adding that being open minded is one of the traits of good leadership. 

The forum was also a warm homecoming of sorts for award-winning music composer San Weng Onn who pursued his Bachelor of Classical Music (Hons) at UCSI’s Institute of Music. 

The alumnus – famously known as Onn San – also took the opportunity to share with the students his creative process of scoring the film. 

“The visual was almost 90% done when I was brought into the project. I had less than a month to work on the score and it was a very tight deadline. But to keep myself inspired, I listened to uplifting music,” he said. 

The award-winning composer also credited his team for their dedication. This includes his protégé Lim Yuet Kim who assisted him in scoring the film. 

Lim, who currently reads the Bachelor of Contemporary Music (Hons) programme at UCSI’s Institute of Music, thanked Onn San for the opportunity he had given her. 

Describing the project as an insightful learning experience for her, the talented young lady also said she feels very honoured to be part of her mentor's great work. 

“Everything we work on is a learning experience for me. I'm certainly looking forward to working on more projects with him,” said Lim.