UCSI students promote fuel-efficient culture

KUALA LUMPUR: A seven-man team of Mass Comm students from UCSI University recently wowed the judges of this year’s Shell FuelSave College Competition by devising engaging strategies that promote greater awareness on fuel efficiency among the Millennial generation. 

With RM5,000 seed money in hand, the team came up with a backdrop, educational giveaways and an exhibit showcasing fuel-saving tips, a creative photo contest, a contest – where contestants were required to “guess the dialogue” between two friends – and a variety of innovative games. 

These games include shooting gun, ring toss and shake-the-weight, to name a few. 

The latter requires a participant to wear a wrist weight and shake it vigorously until a maximum number of tries – counted by a device – is reached. 

Receiving positive comments by other UCSI students, the game trains drivers to know if their car is too heavy to be driven, as heavier cars consume more fuel. 

The ring toss game was equally well received, necessitating the participants to toss plastic rings onto a peg while blindfolded. This taught them to rely more on their instincts instead of their friends. 

Notably, the team’s hard work was recognised by Sabrina Mohammad Nor from the competition’s panel of judges, who pointed out that the team had done a very good job this year. 

“I can see that they’ve put a lot of effort into making this happen,” she says. “There is definitely a significant improvement (from last year’s entry), and I can see an overall strategy and continuity in this whole campaign.” 

Happy with the positive feedback, UCSI student Yuzfaleeq Yusof points out that the campaign – that took one-and-a-half months to complete – has really helped him become more resourceful. 

“Some things didn’t go as planned so our team needed to come up with alternatives to solve the problem. In such cases, you need to be physically and mentally strong,” he explains. 

“Also, apart from liaising with UCSI’s management, we needed to work closely with external sponsors like Fly FM and One FM. As such, we were able to improve our interpersonal skills and presentation skills as well.”

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