UCSI Students Recognised For Exemplary Achievements

UCSI Students Recognised For Exemplary Achievements

For Foo Hui Ying, it was the ability to shoulder responsibility at a young age and sheer hard work that put her on the list of recipients for the UCSI University Trust Pre-U Scholarship.

Also, it was her determination and perseverance that shone as she related what it was to lose her father at a young age, to stop studies after SPM to support daily expenses and take on a full time job.

“Personally, one of the challenges I have had to face was holding back the desire to study. I have learned to be independent and that there is no easy way out. UCSI accepted me regardless of the gap in studies after my SPM when no other university would.”

One of the 1088 recipients who received awards at the UCSI Awards and Scholarship Ceremony 2018, Hui Ying’s story is one of courage in standing up to adversity and one of never giving up to pursue one’s goal.

Her eyes are fixed on her dream of becoming a psychiatrist one day where she can help people in similar challenging circumstances to achieve what they want in life.

It comes as no surprise then that when asked what she likes to do in her leisure time, she smiles and says, “I like to help friends in their studies.” 

“This scholarship means a lot to be. It brings hope especially in that I was not chosen based on academics only but on my background and personal goals,” she adds.

Her six year work experience included working at a call centre, being a receptionist and an outdoor administrative instructor.

Hui Ying also has experience working abroad in New Zealand for nine months in a fruit packing factory and a winery. Now 25 years old, she works as a tuition teacher and will be pursuing her degree in Medicine in UCSI University this year.  

In 2018 alone, a total of RM30 million worth of scholarships has been allocated by the UCSI University Trust to assist deserving students who have the ambition of attaining a world-class education for their studies at either UCSI University or UCSI College.

The category of awards included the Tan Sri Ahmad Razali Merit Scholarship Awards, the UCSI University Trust Graduate Scholarship, the UCSI University Trust Principal’s Award, the UCSI University Trust A-Level Scholarship, and the UCSI University Trust Pre-U Scholarship among others. 

Additionally, the UCSI Prestige Scholarship Awards recognised the top 30 achievers based on their academic performance as well as extra-curricular activities and leadership.

The recently held ceremony included a speech by UCSI University’s Vice-Chancellor and President, Senior Professor Dato’ Dr Khalid Yusoff, who applauded the awards and scholarship recipients urging them to use the opportunity given to them to excel in their studies and make a difference in society.

There was also a speech by the UCSI University Trust Chairman, Dato’ Dr Haji Mohd Karim Bin Haji Abdullah Omar, in which he said he was proud of the achievements of the recipients and to challenge themselves to go further.

True to UCSI’s philosophy of embracing students from all cultures, Aisha Mohamed originally from Egypt was another recipient of the Pre-U Scholarship. Having come to Malaysia at the tender age of five, she shared that it was initially hard to assimilate to Malaysian culture as learning the Malay language was a challenge to her.

“Growing up in Malaysia, I had to get used to the culture, the people and even the food. However, in Form Four my Malay became better and I did well in my SPM. Upon joining UCSI College, I found that the multi-cultural environment made it easier to learn.”

Aisha is honoured and thankful to receive the award and is motivated to keep going and progressing in her studies. Now she is able to communicate better and adapt to the methods of teaching in UCSI. 

During the ceremony, UCSI University’s Institute of Music student Nurul Aina accompanied by pianist Sylvia Wong whom both are UCSI’s scholarship recipients, rendered an electrifying performance with the songs “Mimpi Kita” and “Doubt”.

The ceremony ended with a group photo collectively celebrating the achievements of the students and the bright future that they have in store.