UCSI Students Selected As Top 5 Country Finalists in Schneider Go Green Competition

UCSI Engineering students Harry Hoon Jian Wen and Siah Jing Yi were selected as the Top 5 country finalists in the Schneider Go Green Competition 2020 in which their title was ‘Cost effectively reduce carbon emission using PV-BESS system’.

According to their proposal, in terms of market needs, this approach is still very new in Malaysia. However it is line with meeting Malaysia’s 20% renewable energy goal by 2025. It also meets SDG Goal 7 and 13 to produce affordable clean energy and take climate action to reduce carbon emissions.

The objectives of this study are to utilise surplus Solar PV (Solar Photovoltaic) energy and off-peak hour grid power for BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) charging cost effectively; to use control-discharging methods to release stored energy in BESS and utilise PV energy reducing carbon emission which is incurred from conventional grid usage and to use control the charge-discharge method of BESS together with Solar PV to achieve good ROI performance.

“Renewable energy and energy management have always been my interests and in this competition, I was able to pursue my passion and to present my ideas to one of the global key players in energy, that is, Schneider. I hope it will make an impact on their future product and services development for ‘cleaner’ energy,” said Harry.

For Harry, understanding climate change is an important issue and solutions such as these can significantly reduce carbon emission. Furthermore, he says that renewable energy goals can be further achieved using their solution to replace conventional power with the help of the government and utilities, such as TNB.

Jing Yi joined this competition to gain experience and saw it as an opportunity for her to improve her presentation skills and explore more ideas about green solutions.

“This competition helps students make the connection with competitors from other universities. We can also get advice from them. In my point of view, students should join these competitions because they will gain friendships and knowledge and will be able to step out of their comfort zone while improving their soft skills and showing their creative ideas to the public,” she said.

Both Harry and Jing Yi were glad to have joined this competition and have gained immense experience in the process. They are keen to join other competitions such as this to do their part in bettering the society through the engineering field.







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